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  • hi mark, researching all the nyc sides for round 1, what do yoiu think the eels 17 will be?
    Hi Mark.
    On the Eels forum you said you had a copy on DVD of the 98 Eels-Bears S/F but you were on holidays. I had forgotten about it until now and would be interested in a copy if possible. I am willing to cover all costs. Hear from you soon.
    Regards Matt.
    mark was talking to some saint supporter mates who have a red v membership and it's a pretty good package as far as the benefits they get.Do we have some type of exclusive membership which gives us parking at the stadium,exclusive seating and dressing room entry on one occasion?
    Cool. Pleased to hear it finally got there. Enjoy the last 20. Natthan said he knew a few others whose recorders missed the extra time so you may have some other interest in getting copies from those folk...
    Has that DVD arrived yet Mark? Let me know if it's not there by the weekend and I'll burn another copy and hope that it gets there second time round..
    DVD's have arrived thanks Mark. Looking forward to watching. Good luck to Wenty and Parra for next season & thanks to you and all the other Magpies forum contributers for the camaraderie over the season. Cheers
    hey Mark

    Have you heard the rumour about Hagan and Fitzy not getting on ? Also I hear Daniel Anderson could be our coach sooner rather then later if the team continues to perform at this standard and we miss the 8.
    see my comments re: foxtel in dimension forum. Is that your understanding. I know you are up to date with techy stuff.
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