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  1. McLovin

    GAME DAY vs Newcastle Knoughts

    Rookie coach took us to equal best regular season in our history with a heap of improvement left in the younger guys going forward. Happy with that
  2. McLovin

    Reuben Fox

    Jesus mate, that's rough. He's still with you which is the main thing and good on the club for doing what they did putting a smile on his face.
  3. McLovin

    GAME DAY vs The St Merged scum.

    Missed having Kennedy and Moylan out there. The combinations were off all night. Surprised we even scored 20+. Mulitalo was tremendous
  4. McLovin

    Game Day vs. Sturm Troopers

    Nice to know we can still get out of 2nd gear
  5. McLovin

    Sharks Vs Dogs Game Day

    Klein has been magnificent today
  6. McLovin

    The Game Judiciary & Match Review charges - 2022 season

    If you break it down frame by frame as I have you will find Kaufusi has nothing to answer for. I'm happy the charges were rightly dropped and he was cleared of all wrong doing. Suspend Walker for being pissweak
  7. McLovin

    Official team vs NZ Worriers

    Got any source to back up this outrageous claim mate?
  8. McLovin

    Official team vs NZ Worriers

    Warrant has been revoked and he's free to play
  9. McLovin

    2022 Injury and Suspension Updates

    Any word on Talakai?
  10. McLovin

    Game day vs Raider

    Trindall try assist
  11. McLovin

    Game day vs Raider

    1. Metcalf 7. Hynes Trindall is dreadful
  12. McLovin

    Game day vs Raider

    Trindall show and go is a thing of beauty. Works every time
  13. McLovin

    Jake Trbplodervic

    Jake has been this way most of his career and people are only starting to notice now? Right up there with Josh Jackson as one of the most underserving rep players of all time
  14. McLovin

    2022 R10 Sat - Melbourne 6-32 Penrith @ Suncorp

    The problem for the Panthers is they don't have TPJ to single handedly destroy the Storm pack this year

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