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  1. McLovin

    Rumoured/Confirmed signings thread

    Tariq could be pretty handy as a prop. Good mobility and defensively sound. Doesn't lack size. Has the Fitzy connection. Could be the next Prior
  2. McLovin

    Game Day vs the Mr Ed's.

    I haven't won a multi all year and I just put one on us. Sorry
  3. McLovin

    How many weeks for Latrell?

    Joey gets up laughing if Latrell was Preston Campbell sized and put the same shot on. Penalty sufficient in that instance. He's a victim of his own strength
  4. McLovin

    Game day V's Knights of Ni!!!!

    Whatever Hannay has been saying at halftime just doesn't work. Knights win comfortably here
  5. McLovin

    Snout vs Quiksilver

    Good thread. Locked
  6. McLovin

    Game Day versus the Beagles

    To break our defence down you basically run one way then stop, pivot, then run the other way. We can't keep up. Too slow. Uele off I'm guessing
  7. McLovin

    Game Day versus the Beagles

    these hitups are embarrassing
  8. McLovin

    Game Day versus the Beagles

    Great start to the half boys
  9. McLovin

    Game Day versus the Beagles

    Uele should be starting and laying some sort of platform. Why are we persisting with Woods and Tolman
  10. McLovin

    Game Day versus the Beagles

    We make 30 meters a set and concede 70-80 because our starting props are slow and useless
  11. McLovin

    Game Day - Dog Day Afternoon

    Brailey kicking that straight to the fullback on tackle 3 took away all momentum and inevitably gave the dogs this try.
  12. McLovin

    Gameday vs Raiders

    Only the Sharks get penalised for getting pushed off the ball
  13. McLovin

    Gameday vs Raiders

    Us 40 - 14 them
  14. McLovin

    QT- Qantas

    Give me one reason why this shouldn't be merged with the Bellamy thread
  15. McLovin

    Welcome Fitzy

    I'll Gladys this thread if you declared ones can't stay on-topic

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