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  • I will be at suncorp stadium tomorrow when Brisbane 2 launches it bid. After countless attacks from brisbane 2 on the ccbears. ill be there tomorrow yelling bring back the bears, dressed in bears kit and getting media time. if you can or anyone can join me on this crazy adventure...
    there were a number of your surname-Dawson's played for Newtown in the 70's, think i have a scanlens card ot two!
    All good, we'll see what we come up with on
    Like Norths, no home ground until 1910 for the then Royal Blues. Metters 10-12 off to Erko in 1913, but they then went to Marrickville Oval just are WW1 until the mid 1930's. Henson Park from mid 30's to late-ish 40's, back to Erko until the mid 1950's and finally Henson again. Fair to say that Erko to Metters was literally metres.

    Peter Buchanan
    Hi Peter,

    Thankyou for your hasty reply to my message. I would be very grateful if you did find anything further to the location of Metters if you could pass it on. I guess it would make sense to be near towards or situated at Erskineville oval, because please correct me if i'm wrong, (which i probably am), but didn't newtown play at metters from 1910-1912 and then from erskineville from 1913 onwards?? so perhaps, as a form of convenience for both them and their spectators they made the move with as little distance travelled as possible? I have a mate who has an early 1930's sydney map, and he is gonna check and see if there is any mention of it on there, and i'll pass on the results. Thanks again!
    Glenn Dawson
    Hi there,
    I realise it was an old post of yours regarding Metters Sports Ground, but i am interested in finding out where this ground used to be, but when i click on the links you posted, it says 'The topic or post you requested does not exist'. Just wondering if you are able to give me any information pertaining to the whereabouts of this ground??

    Thanks in advance, Glenn
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