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  • Hi Knightmare.
    With Perverse, I was merely trying to show him up for the intolerant prick that he was. Next to WYD he's one of the most fanatical Athiests on the forum. I was half tempted to make a few posts tonight, only as you've rightly pointed out: Better things to do with my time, like trying to find a mobile for my 10 week old Daughter's cot on-line, rather than listen to WYD and GuT's latest clap trap about how we're all insane! To hell with them, let them gratify each other's ego. I kinda feel Sorry for Mr Spock as he'll be left there on his own now, and he's putting up a decent fight, but I'm just so over it now. Still, I might make the odd cameo apperance on the thread from time to time.

    I saw your little tit-for tat with perverse on the Ridiculing Religion thread a few days ago, what was the story there? I haven't been following the whole debate too closely, as religion threads generally end up going around in circles with the atheist brigade using the same tired arguments again and again and people like Rocky da Rooster or N.Hindmarsh Fan unfortunately helping to advance the idea that religious people are irrational nut jobs. As I posted, I have more pressing demands on my time than arguing semantics with nuffies in cyber space!
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