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  • I know I'll sound like an asshole for asking this, but could you make somewhat bigger scans, so the text would be more visible? Your time and work is really appreciated but this is only the third interview with her that I know of, and since there is so little information out there about her, I'd really like to know everything she says in this one. I hope you can understand (and won't send me to hell). :)

    To return the favor, here are a lot of pictures of Tabrett in various wedding dresses:
    And there are other pictures of her at this forum:
    Hope you don't mind the pink color, that's the basic color theme for the forum, which is mostly for the lady fans of Legend of the Seeker. :) You don't have to register to get the pictures, they are linked to image hosts.

    Wow, I've just checked in and... I have no words. These are stunning pictures, thanks for doing this!
    Hi and welcome!

    I'm pretty certain I still have them. Give me a few days and I'll try to scan and upload the pictures. I also have pictures of Tabrett from Big League Magazine.

    I saw from youtube she was on Legend of the Seeker but I haven't seen much of it myself. Sorry to hear it was cancelled.

    She did ads for a snack called Apero from memory and an ad for Portmans. She was a brunette in these ads.

    I'll get back to you soon,


    I'm really sorry to bother you but I'd like to ask a favor. I've just found this forum, looking for more pictures of Tabrett Bethell and I saw an old post from you, saying that you've got the Inside Sport and also the Ralph Magazine that featured Tab.
    Don't know if you've heard about it but she was in the 2nd season of Legend of the Seeker, a fantasy show that has recently been cancelled. I'm a fan of that show, and along with many others we are looking for anything we can find about her. She gave some really fantastic performances in very emotional scenes and she's been great throughout the season, winning many fans.

    So, if you've still got those magazines, can I ask you to scan them and upload the pictures? And if you know anything else about her, I'd really appreciate the info. For example more info about the ads she did, though I doubt there are clips avalaible somewhere.
    Anything you can help with, would be great.

    Thanks for your time!
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