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PJ Marshal
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  • hmmmm - can't say i "think about" that too often - i guess i'd think irrespctive of the car battery, jumper leads on the nipples might be a little bit ouchie
    Ok i watched the celebrity jeopardy skits, they were sooo funny. My fave was the one with Burt Reynolds, french Stewart and Sean Connery. hahha will ferrel...absolute genius. You have revived my love for him and i am now about to watch Step Brothers. :)
    Yeah surprisingly, i've never seen any of his SNL stuff. I will youtube it and tell you what i think ;)
    lol that is pretty cool...i get to .....type. Jealous?

    Anything with will ferrell has the best quotes. The guy could not make a crap movie if he tried!
    Anything but work at work is fun =)

    Btw don't know if you've seen this one, but i LOVE this movie.

    what? Did you say something? ...look, i don't speak spanish! haha <3 that movie.
    Hey there PJ. Do you still have the Valleys Jersey? Would you be willing to part with it? I was and still am a Valleys fan and my original playing jersey was burnt by my ex-wife and I have been chasing a replacement now for about 10 years.
    Yeah mate no dramas... When i finished uni someone gave me one about the size of a little finger :p
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