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  • Hey Rich
    Might wanna double check rd14 results.
    I was the only one to get 8/8
    Somehow you mixed me up with Jamaman.
    Hey Rich,

    Wondering whether we could expand on the Player of the Day ratings to do some team performance ratings. Something simple to track how we all think the team went in a few key areas. POD is okay, but half the players don't have a chance of winning points and end of the day its a team game! This might be able to reveal more concretely what we are doing well, what not, and how it changes over time

    Could be something like this:

    Ratings of 1-5, 1=abysmal, 2=below par, 3=ok, 4= good 5=oarsum

    Five categories:

    Forward defense
    Backline defence
    Forward attack
    Backline attack
    Kicking game

    So whatever the average score for each category (number of total points divided by number of voters) can then be multiplied by 4 giving a % mark

    % marks can be averaged (divided by 5) out for overall team performance.

    Easy to do some simple but interesting stats analysis as the season develops.

    Anyway, just a thought for your consideration.

    Hey Rich
    Gonna be off line for a couple of days was hoping u can put these in for me for the last round

    Thanks bud
    Hey mate can you do 3-2-1 this week. I am in Fiji- limited internet access. Thanks
    Hi Rich, been trying to get on this morning, but the damn site isn't letting me into the Warriors section! Gutted cos I'm pumped! Has to make do with the Tigers section!
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