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  1. Scott

    Rookie of the year - Walsh or Walker?

    Walsh found with coke. Regardless of what the law does, NRL will come down like a ton of bricks. I’d say we will be missing him for more than just Round 1. Personally, I say make an example of him. 10 week ban & 100k fine.
  2. Scott

    2021 Bandwagon

    Really enjoy watching the Storm play, but can't bring myself to 'want' them to win it. I'm on Manly. Also love watching their style of play. 8th - who cares, they won't beat Manly or Easts (assuming one of these 2 finish 5th).
  3. Scott

    Confidence Tipping Round 23

    Storm 6 Manly 5 Souths 2 Wests 1 Newcastle 8 Cowboys 3 Easts 7 Warriors 4
  4. Scott


    The Adam Blair listen was very good this morning. Baz & Izzy for Breakfast is quite good. They have had some great guests on. In terms of the app, Vossy is a good listen & the Matty Johns Morning Glory show on fridays is good too. I can't see anything ever beating that Brendan Telfer/Allen Mac...
  5. Scott

    3-2-1 v Bulldogs

    We have won 3 in a row with Sean at 7. Why would be change it. Chad is in no way better.
  6. Scott

    MLB Thread

    MLB Field of Dreams. So good!
  7. Scott

    Confidence Tipping Round 22

    Storm 7 Panthers 6 Easts 3 Souths 8 Wests 1 Manly 2 Warriors 5 Knights 4
  8. Scott

    Who will be the 1st coach to get sacked in 2021?

    episode 1 on Thursday on SS4. 7pm.
  9. Scott

    Will Chambers

    Reminds me of David Warner. Not very likeable. Handy player in his day but will always be remembered as a shit bloke.
  10. Scott

    Confidence Tipping Round 21

    Tough round! Newcastle 2 Canberra 1 Souths 7 Warriors 6 Easts 4 Manly 5 Tigers 3 Titans 8
  11. Scott

    Team v Sharks

    I'm pretty sure he is in NZ, and has been for at least 2 months. That is going by some Instagram stories from weeks back. He was at the Super Rugby Trans tasman final at Eden Park so that was a while ago. Very very odd that nothing has come of it all. I'd assume he has played his last game for us.
  12. Scott

    Confidence Tipping Round 20

    First round I have 3/3 all season! I was on the way back...
  13. Scott

    Greatest EVER Kiwi? Greatest EVER Warrior?

    Greatest Warrior is Simon Mannering. Stacey Jones a close 2nd. Greatest Kiwi - struggling to split Mark Graham, Ruben Wiki & Benji Marshall.
  14. Scott


    Yeah. Pretty special. Gutted that he is gone.
  15. Scott

    Confidence Tipping Round 20

    Easts 4 Warriors 5 Broncos 2 Souths 7 Canberra 1 Storm 8 GC 3 Manly 6