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  • sorry I didn't see this message. Still working out this new forum.
    The fuss is that the 2 guys running it are dikheads. Especially the little germ called beekershark who used to be on here.
    Ask somebody to point out to you who the ugly little rude merkin is at a game.
    I have been to 3 games & everytime I have had a drama with him. From abusing other people to rudely butting in on about 10 conversations I was having with players, ex players & even sludges ex missus who is a good friend of mine. FTR when he walks away, they all think he is a dik head.
    It would be him who is now threatening LU with legal threats for anything pointed in their direction that may be critical. Read Willows post. All in all the Masons is a good bunch of people. Just ruined by the presence of that little bald merkin.
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