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sladden road
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  • G'day maaaaate. Did you see the pic I sent you, maybe it was last year? While Ubering, I found Sladden Rd. Well, it was exciting at the time lol
    Sorry I haven't been keeping up with pm business on the forum.. plus I get confused/forgetful even more easily now since the knock on the head.. I'm still me, just now I have n excuse lol.. Best to hit me on 0404502446 or Facebook messenger.. Yes! We should definitely go!! I went last Sunday and relived the glory days
    Hey Ed.. great write up in TimeOut for Ruby's Diner! Congrats to you and Emm.. Ruby must be growing up quick now too I bet.. All the best mate.. 'It's out year' lol Jack Jack
    Bay 35 (halfway line) Row D seats 14 -18

    I tried about 15 times to get seats a little further back but every other time was Row A so I figured D would be a better view. Best seats in Sharks Bay 34 was Row A. We'll just have to sing on our own !

    Oh god no I'm back on the forum
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