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  • hello again St_Jubbsy, I am still waiting for a response about joining Jubilee Ave?! It has been over a month... Any response at all would be most welcome. Cheers!
    hi, how does one gain entry to the JA forum? I applied a few days ago and haven't heard anything...
    Hello, have you recieved my request to join jubilee avenue? can you please let me no if you have.
    Hi Jubbsy. My computer crapped its self and I've only just got back on line. Can you help me to log back in?
    Cheers bribieboy
    G'day, there was a Bruce Oliver played for Newtown, came from Casino, was and is a Legend. Doubt if its the same bloke but he had lots of brothers and I believe they all played in a local team and people still talk of their skills.
    I would like to request to join the jubilee avenue group,have just rejoined after being overseas for 6 months,much appreciated regards alan christopher
    hey jubbsy ive seen u post that ganier is a done deal just wondering how good is your mail, just dont want to get my hopes up
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