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Stagger eel
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  • Hi, Stagger.
    Just wondering if there`s been any further news on Tom Humble. If there is indeed to be some sort of investigation into banned substances or anything like that, it seems very strange that they would not have finalised it before the trial games were under way. Do you have any info that you`d be willing to share with me?
    Cheers, Lingard.
    Hey Ovo, yeah that's what I thought..
    hope you and Mearle and family had a woonderful chrissy all the best.
    Yes Mate that is Ron Massey and he is still going well.
    Alf was a good assistant worker with our club..OVO
    Hi mate,

    I am from the Dragons Forum and new to posting but a long time follower. I have got your details from Willow and I have a lost property issue.

    I have been made aware that you work for the ANZ and I have contacted them regarding a lost camera the details you will see below.

    It has no identification on the camera but it is a blue Panasonic Lumix. The most important and valuable things are the photos of the GF where I was seated in the front row and got photos and video of the players on their victory lap and the Dragons Army during the game.

    If there is anything you can do or point me in a direction to talk with those who deal with lost property at the stadium that would be awesome! :D

    Mario have you heard anything in regards to Kennedy from roosters if the rumours are true he will be an awesome prop same age as Tim and add Orford and 2011 bring it on f**k yeah.
    hey lynn..

    delboy talks to ossie quite alot and we're basically getting same info, i am hearing that quade is still big big chance..hellsy is fine off to vanaatu with nikki on sunday so all good.
    hey mario
    any gossip on your end also is hellsy ok havnt noticed her around lately lynn
    you do...

    I hear we're also meeting with Cronk and his manager on may want to check that hun and get back to us..:cool:

    barrett signed last wednesday source sticky fingers barrett hasnt told cronulla yet thats why no announcement yet
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