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    Off season: Is Benji the greatest NZ player?

    With my Warriors Goggles off he is by some distance. Golden boot Grand final World cup Four Nations Anzac test Kiwis Captain, returnee to the fold. But most of all Marshall changed the way the game is played. He laid the ground work for Wiz kids like Johnson and others who saw what was...
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    Leeson Ah Mau

    With Leeson his muted retirement is because of Covid. He came home, had a think about not being able to live in NZ while playing out his last years, and decided to pull the plug.
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    2021 GF | PREMIERS - Penrith 14-12 South Sydney @ Suncorp

    Thanks for the GF up here Gladys Berejiklian. Please know we always follow the health advice.
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    3-2-1 v Bulldogs

    3 Curran 2 Montoya 1 AFB. Good all round performance. Kosi looked much sharper, some hard runs. made the expected mistakes but he has real potential.
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    Gameday - Warriors v Bulldogs

    At least I left out my expectation that Ryan James would deliberately try to take out a spine player. You should represent him at the judiciary.
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    Gameday - Warriors v Bulldogs

    we must beat the RaiderDogs. Sticky loaning em players to knock us out of the running. Scum.
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    3-2-1 v Sharks

    Montoya was a beast for effort I give him three points. Curran was on the same level two points. SOS steadied the ship so one point for him this week.
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    News Coronavirus and NRL

    The real threat to the comp is what is happening in NSW. I say that as an outsider. I see a lot of focus is on the QLD situation. However, the Delta variant, if NSW cannot get it under control, will ultimately breach borders Australia wide. That is it's pattern all over the world. The top...
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    Greatest EVER Kiwi? Greatest EVER Warrior?

    Mark Graham. Stacey for the Warriors. Without Jones there is no minor premiership. Today it is rare to watch a Warriors team and think our game breaker could get us back into this twenty behind, Stacey could do that he was so determined and talented.
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    3-2-1 v Tigers

    I have the same rankings. Make mine a double ta.
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    Southern Orcas (NZ2)

    Life long Auckland Rugby League supporter here. I would welcome a 2nd franchise with open arms and they would have my full support. In fact I would give them more support than the Warriors who have failed to deliver for so long, that I am keen to support any NZ franchise without a hint of...
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    3-2-1 v Panthers

    Lodge AFB Chad. Thought our structures looked heaps better with Chad back. Lot of people criticizing Chad on other forums for fifth tackle fails. I think they must not realise that the moment the Warriors put a non half next to Chad, and ran him out there injured, that Chad was going to play...
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    3-2-1 v Sharks

    Probably too late but this was my lot. 3. SOS we would have won that game had Kodi lifted his little finger and backed the guy up, great kicking game, he has stuff all NRL experience, I do not get why people think CHT needs a year to develop and SOS does not...very young player too. 2. Lodge...
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    Lodge has since been quoted in an article posted on another Warriors website. He confirmed that the Warriors paid less than half of his Broncos contract....from the horses mouth as it were. His exact words were along the lines of just under half. So that would be in the 400K range. Bearing...
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    Team v Sharks

    Tiny back row due to injuries. Solution? Roll out one of the biggest benches in Warrior history. I love it. Siro will cover the backline... Looks like we are going to go out there and thump the Sharks through the mega prop rolling thunder from the bench. BMM will be live again with being...

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