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  1. tresurehunt

    Rd.20 vs Gold Coast Titans 3,2,1

    Hayne Sandow DeGois
  2. tresurehunt

    Rumoured/Confirmed Signings and More Crap XVI
  3. tresurehunt

    Rd.13 vs North Queensland Cowboys 3,2,1

    1 hayne 2 norman 3 junior paulo
  4. tresurehunt

    Tim Mannahs Wedding

    i think the reason why he doesnt make brakes or bump players off is because he falls into the defense instead of trying to go through it.
  5. tresurehunt

    Rd.12 vs Penrith Panthers 3,2,1

    3. Mau stand out... 2. Sandow 1. Norman
  6. tresurehunt

    Rd.10 vs St George Illawarra Dragons 3,2,1

    3 Hayne 2 Sandow 1 Hoppa
  7. tresurehunt

    Trans Tasman Test: Australia v NZ May 2nd 2014

    would have liked to see Cherry Evans get a bit more game time, he had some good touches at the end. and i know it was hard for him to get on
  8. tresurehunt

    hayne replacement?

    i think morgan has to come in anyway
  9. tresurehunt

    hayne replacement?

    please dont put paulo at no.6
  10. tresurehunt

    Willie & Will

    imo hoppa is a winger but not a bad defender at centre either , its our forwards that are letting us down atm , still some of the old culture there in our pack..
  11. tresurehunt

    Rd.8 vs North Queensland Cowboys 3,2,1

    Ma'u pauli peats
  12. tresurehunt

    RD8 V Cowboys 1300 Smiles Stadium

    id like to see ryan morgan come back into the side
  13. tresurehunt

    RD8 V Cowboys 1300 Smiles Stadium

    we were beaten after 14min
  14. tresurehunt

    RD8 V Cowboys 1300 Smiles Stadium

    we will play them back into form and cows will win by at least 14 points i reckon,i hope im wrong.
  15. tresurehunt

    Rd.7 vs Wests Tigers 3,2,1

    hayne mannah gower

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