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2011: The Road Ahead.


As if we couldn't get any more prouder as supporters of this great club, this morning we conquered the world! Since I jumped on the Dragons as a four year old boy way back in 1990 it's been a mammoth roller coaster ride. 92, 93, 96, 99. The multiple early finals exits of the last 10 years and under-achievements during the regular season. We've all been through it. We don't need any further detail.

Growing up amongst immediate family and close friends who are Eels supporters (you can only imagine what I'd been copping after THAT final in 2009), going to school in Tigers territory (it took our prelim final victory to finally stop the 2005 banter) and also having multiple other friends, work colleagues and extended family who support the Bulldogs. The smart arse text messages about gag reflexes and heimlech. The calls in the wee hours of the morning with someone choking on the other end of the phone. Every Facebook wall post about my team with more smart arse choke comments for good measure, and being tagged in photos labeled 'CHOKE ZERO OFFICIAL SOFT DRINK OF THE ST GEORGE ILLAWARRA DRAGONS'. The pathetic and petty merkins who had the urge to say "you've been choking every year since 1979" who then went on to say come full time after the GF "oh this is your first premiership"! I mean seriously, GET A LIFE YOU MERKINS, and maybe go concentrate on whatever pathetic loser team you may support.

At full time this morning the tears just rolled. The smile was also at it's widest when Dan Ginnane reminded me on the way into work that we haven't conceded a a single point in the 2nd half of our last four official matches (six if you want to include the Charity Shield and Mercury Challenge). Wigan really pressured us at times in the 2nd half this morning but the 'Great Wall of Wayne' stood tall. We've been bagged that this style is boring, and will probably continue to do so, but if it wins you games of Rugby League then so be it!

I think we're building to something very special in 2011. The team is not resting on it's laurels and it seems we're also making a few in roads with our attacking plays as well. With 'THAT TAG', and the pressure and expectation of trying to win our first comp for 31 years now lifted their is no limit to what we can achieve this year. On any given weekend, a confident and well polished Dragons outfit is going to be one for the opposition to fear.

I'm very excited! Can't wait to share the ride of 2011 with you all!

Red V is apart of me!!


Forget about the others, forget about everything other than Saints - Champions of the World, mat.

Those with the most invested, are the last to surrender. Wigan rallied in the last 15, threw everything at us. Those with the most invested, are the last to surrender.....

I remember us with the Shield in '77 and '79. 31 years doesn't seem that long now, nor does the heartache seem as painfull from the emotional batterings we took to arrive at this destination - top of the dung heap and aint the view f**king lovely.

Big Norm