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2014 Round 2 :: Souths vs Ninjas



Game Thread:
* This is a game thread only. Only game posts can be made here - team lists, substitutions, and articles.
* Any other posts may result in loss of points and is at the discretion of the referee.
* Only original articles, not used in previous games, will be marked by referees.

Naming Teams:
* 5 -V- 5 (+ 3 reseves for home side; +2 for away)
* No 'TBA' or changing players named
* Captains must stick with original teams named

Rules: http://www.forumsevens.com.au/rules.php
Official Word Counter: http://www.forumsevens.com.au/wordcount.php

Kick Off: Sunday 11th of May 2014
Full Time: Monday 26th of May 2014 (9:00pm Sydney Time)
Referee: LeagueNut
Venue: Redfern Oval

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I think the Ninjas will unfortunately be struggling to compete in this match. We are reviewing whether we have the numbers to continue this season, but it doesn't look too good I'm sorry. :(

If anyone from the Ninjas does want to post an article for this game, you have my blessing though!


Souths hop onto the field.

Doin' it bunny style

Marshall Magic

Horrie is God
Tommy Smith


First Grade
byrne_rovelli_fan82 for Souths


Not so Origin

In a couple of days Game 1 of Origin 2014 gets underway. Supposedly this is meant to be a ‘new Blues’ outfit, going for glory.’ They have new ideas; a new team and they are looking to break the infamous hoodoo. Well, I have to say who cares?

Every year the game is billed as the same: Mate v Mate State v State. Build up revolves around the question of whether or not the Blues can win a game, win a series, and just how ‘amazing Queensland is because they just can’t lose.’

State of Origin used to the best time of the year for rugby league. It was where the greatest memories, the greatest moments and unpredictability happened. Loyalty was put to the test as the passion ran hot like a knife through butter.
Now, sadly it has simply turned into a regular old game between old foes at the bargaining table trying to make a deal. Confusion continues to reign over who is or isn’t eligible as the international rules goes from murky to mud.

Every sport has a State of Origin of sorts but what made League’s stand out was its uniqueness. That sense of being a game like we’ve never seen.

Queensland are a great team. They are the better side from top to bottom and always find a way to win. The problem for Origin now, is, they’ve won too much. It has gotten to the point where there is no sense in watching anymore since the outcome has been pre-determined before a ball is kicked. Sure the poor form of the Blues and their inability to produce wins where it counts has also has an effect. After all Queensland can’t help their talent. They just play what’s in front of them and do what they do. They just play. Blues seem to suffer from stage fright and an inability to threaten and want to win.

Even, going back to the game I attended here in Melbourne a couple of years ago, I recall feeling reluctant to go. It wasn’t helped, when the game was held at the poorly designed Eithad Stadium, putting the fans far from the action. All they’d see is the smear of a dot of the player running around, hardly a way to get involved and engaged into a game

Regardless, it still feels like Origin has lots its aura. Every year it’s the same thing televised by the media. There’s nothing new in terms of innovation, discussion, and a new panel. Spewing the same nonsense they talked about each year with a new spin. You know the drill after a while, it’s all about ‘getting the inside word’ about seeing what might make a difference. There is nothing different. We know what each team is going to do. No matter what TV league programs do, they give us the same old story.

I’ve got many great memories of watching Origin. The big hits, the amazing tries, try celebrations, tackles and other unusual moments and back then, it didn’t matter who was winning, NSW or Queensland. The real winner on the day was the game. It would always give us, the fans an ever-lasting memory. A classic.

All we see now is the same old thing game after game. Heck, even the ANZAC Game at NRL level received far bigger hype than Origin these days and that says something. There’s so much more exciting football to watch; games that do bring about the Origin spirit, where as the real Origin is merely a shadow of its former self.

Rugby League wants to re-invent itself, to stay competitive in the market place against all the other codes. The problem is, they’ve brought in so much rep style football to keep their fans interested, and to the point actual rep football has gone completely out the window.

Origin is all about taking it to the next level. Where the rules of the regular reason don’t matter. Let them knock each other out, sort it with their fists and go toe-to-toe. Let’s see the blood fly and tries slide and the tempers flare.

Until the day Origin can return to its roots, has a clear definition of who should be playing for whom, we get a new winner and the build up is actually worth the viewership then maybe we’re onto a winner. For now, all it is, is another NRL Game between two states who don’t know any better.


There are 749 words INCLUDING TITLE.
WITHOUT TITLE - 746 words. Between '~' lines.


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soc123_au belting one up the middle for the Bunnies



The NRL is filled with hard luck stories, stories of success and everything in between. Some players have the dubious honour of featuring in stories from both ends of the spectrum. I give you Chris Sandow.

Now I am no Parramatta fan. Not even close, as a Penrith supporter we are taught to hate the Eels from an early age. As a human I can’t help but admire the re-emergence of Chris Sandow.

Sandow first came to the attention of the majority of the NRL community in 2008. Small in stature but big on heart, the young halfback won plenty of fans within the ranks of Souths supporters. Something of a clutch type player, he kicked a field goal in the dying moments of his debut game to provide a rare win for the Rabbits after 13 rounds of the season. He spent the rest of the year as a shining light in an otherwise pretty gloomy Rabbits team. Despite South Sydney finishing 14th for the year Sandow managed to bag the Dally M rookie of the year award.

In the following years Souths started to claw their way from the cellar and became a somewhat competitive team. Much of this was due to the attacking skill of their little halfback. Being in the spotlight bought young Sandow many accolades, but also the media were quite happy to lay in the boot. Much was made of his defensive deficiencies, something to be expected from a garden gnome trying to tackle giants. Still he wasn’t afraid of the contact, more a case of physics working against him.

Stories also became more prevalent about his personal life. His fall from grace at the gold coast titans. Gambling debts, Drunken outbursts and trouble with his young family were all stories that made the back page. Still he continued to play good football. Fans were polarised by him. There were those that loved him despite his failings and those that took every chance to death ride him.

Towards the end of 2011 Sandow’s contract with the Rabbits was drawing to a close. They were keen to keep him as he was seen as a pivotal cog in the push for an ever elusive finals berth. The power brokers at Parramatta had also taken notice of the young halfback. They made an offer that was too good to refuse. Sandow was reported to have said he had to take the offer to look after his young family. Souths were not pleased; they publicly announced that “Alan Bond only comes around once in a life time” In reference to the amount Sandow had been offered.

From this point it seemed like the world of the young star started to spiral out of control. In 2012 it was hoped by many that he would be the saviour of the Eels. After a very disappointing 14th placed finish with the 2nd most ineffective attack in the NRL all hopes were pinned on Sandow to give the Eels another player capable of igniting the team. Sandow's form for the year continued to decline; it appeared that his new found wealth has quelled his desire to perform. Things got worse in 2013; the back page was again ablaze with stories painting the young playmaker in a less than positive light. In a humiliating twist he finished the year in reserve grade as the Eels collected consecutive spoons.

Sometime between the end of season 2013 and the start of 2014 the planets started to once again align for Sandow. The people who care most about him took him aside and showed him the way to get back on track. To his credit he must have listened. He started the year in reserves, but he would get his chance in the top grade in round 4 against my beloved Panthers. To say he took his opportunity is an understatement. Even though he was ripping my team to shreds I couldn’t help admire his performance. Since then he has done his bit to guide the Eels into the top 4. The Sandow of old is back, the cheeky chip kicks and the miracle plays when it seems nothing is on. The Eels are a fantastic team to watch this year. A lot of it is on the back of Sandow and his shot at redemption. Long may it continue. (except this Friday against the Panthers!)


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Monk is here, fresh off another bender.


RLPCA Office Tour

Thanks for meeting me here on such short notice, I’d like to show you all the great work we’re doing here to keep these little guys optimistic about their futures. We’ve taken an old animal shelter and turned it into a completely modern facility to make everyone feel right at home.

Before I show you around though, let’s take a look at this quick video detailing who we are as a company and what our ambitions are.






Right now the RLPCA is home to over 34 former Rugby League players; each one a victim of their own ambition.

Known to few as the Rugby League Player Carers Association, the RLPCA cares for many unwanted players who lost their way in the blinding lights and the big smoke of the Rugby League stage. This is my callout to you, the mild-mannered Rugby League Executive. Help these players get back on track, you know it’s the right thing to do.

“You see, what we’re trying to do is give everyone a second chance in life. They’ve all hit hard times so giving them a warm blanket and a water bowl is the least we can do”

At the RLPCA, we’re one big family, and for us family comes first.

“What are my goals you ask? Well I don’t think it’s a huge step to suggest that we’ll be able to increase the number of older players signed by clubs by 300%.”

At the RLCPA, we encourage you to dream big. Because we do too.


Emotionally stirring isn’t it? As you can see we’re doing a whole lot of good here, sometimes players have nowhere else to turn to you know? By taking one of these guys back to your team’s headquarters tonight you’d be making a whole lot of difference in their lives. Did you want to take a look at a few of the players who are looking for a new home?

Room 1A : D. Wicks
Here is one of our more ‘loveable’ players. He tends to eat a little bit more than the others but we’re not going to blame him for enjoying himself are we?
Overall, Danny is wonderful to have around and is great with large groups of people. You’d do well to find a bigger team player then Danny.

Room 1B : N. Merritt
This guy is a pretty recent addition to our home but we love him all the same. While he moves around at a pretty sluggish pace, he’s not short on love! He does have a few trust issues since his lady contract renewal ended pretty badly, but we think he’ll get back on track.
Overall, Nathan is already one of our most loyal players. While he’s a little bit older than most of the others, if you need a guy to run 10m and score a try; he’s your man!

Room 1C : B. Marshall
This guy was recently refunded, as his owner found him to be a little more disappointing than originally anticipated. Funnily enough the same fellow tried to refund a coach too – but we don’t do that here so the joke is on them!
Overall, he’s probably not worth the price tag, but having this sort of attraction on your team is sure to bring in the big ratings. Your sponsors will love it!

Room 1D : J. Tansey
This is a bit of a sadder story I’m afraid. Jordan has been here for the last three years and no one has wanted to pick him up. I don’t want to say that the lack of interest is directly related to his looks but it’s really the only explanation. Crowd averages at games he attends are 25% below average. It’s a hard truth but he is not a pretty man.

So there we have it, that’s a small tour of what we have to offer you. Obviously this is all just starting up so we have a few minor kinks to work out, but we’re glad you dropped by. Are you sure you didn’t want to pick up anything? We have a great selection of RLPCA wristbands and lanyards to choose from.




Bubbles on for Souths

Dear Nick Politis

As I long-term supporter of the Sydney Roosters I am compelled to write to you in regards to a troubling issue.

But first, allow me to express my respect and gratitude for all you have done and continue to do for our great club. All Rooster supporters are aware that our survival and achievements can be laid at your feet and we love you for it. And so it was with the greatest respect that I ask of you, “What the f**k?”

Before I get into my quarrel, allow me to relate what it is to be a Roosters' fan out in the real world of deeply ingrained bias, blind hatred and passionate discord. It's not easy at times. Sure, on-field success such as we've experienced of late does tend to turn skin to Teflon, however we do cop a lot of shit.

Like Wonder Woman with bracelets of impenetrable steel I defend off blows of bigotry and bullshit. “Ugh, the Roosters!”the usual response when asked what club I follow, delivered with lip curled disdain. On its heels, one of the top three Rooster barbs. “Rorters hey, how're ya juniors goin'?” I've learned to quip and deflect, a ploy that delivers the speediest end to the mindless rambling. Prior to this lesson being learned, however, I would employ the tactic of logic and common sense, to no avail. Before me stands a being of infallible prejudice, a spittle-flying Neanderthal with brains akin to that of a plank of wood.

The second missile launched, “A Rooters fan, how are the other five going?” never gets old. Ah, the classics. “Of course, because we don't have any fans. Haha, bloody hilarious, rib-tickling stuff. Come up with that yourself?”

Third most common, “Nice premiership you bought, you f**king wankers!” 'f**king wankers' being a direct quotation, along with variants of the latter word too obscene to impart on paper. “Thanks, it feels pretty awesome” I say, lifting whatever drink I have to my lips. “Cheers to the mighty Chooks, hey.” And then I sit back and smile while the rant swells like a six foot tube off Bells Beach and then ride the curling wave. Okay, so the third one is not so much a barb, as a slightly pointy twig that bounces off and falls to the floor benignly!

That aside, I think you can see that it's not all high-fiving and bottom pats going on out here in the harsh world of footy fans. Add to that the fact I'm a female Roosters' supporter and then you get the classic “You like the girly pretty boys, hey”. “Hey dude, how about you go and call Jared Warea-Hargreaves a girly pretty boy. Now that's a show I'd buy tickets for, front row, popcorn at the ready!”

So Nick, while I'm willing and happy to defend my team against the arseholes of the Rugby League world, sometimes you and the Board make a decision that pushes my loyalty to its very limits. The limit in this instance goes by the name of Blake Ferguson.

There have been times where I've questioned the veracity of the decision making going on within the club, most notably during the raid on Canterbury Bulldogs of several years ago, but I've lived with them and for the most part thrown my support behind them. However, I find Blake Ferguson's shenanigans, antics and criminal behaviour beyond disgusting and loathe that the club I love is seemingly willing and eager to overlook the character of the person who has perpetrated these low acts.

As a woman I found what he did deplorable. I understand we live in a society that both blatantly and subliminally spreads the message that “Hey, boys will be boys” and that we girls need to chill out and accept this credo and whatever invasive and appalling behaviour comes with it. I'm here to tell you that what he did was disrespectful and downright grubby. It screams of a being with the moral character of a cockroach. Without showing a scrap of remorse; I doubt Blake's experienced a character building epiphany either. In fact, with the brains of a pebble I'm not sure his is capable of an epiphany.

I love it when the Roosters are winning, I truly do. However, even more, I love the feeling of being able to hold my head high and crow to the heavens as a...

Roosters Supporter for Life.

Word Count: 742
Marshall Magic on for Souffs

The New Head of the Dragon

Over the past few hours several candidates have been interviewed by Doust to take over from Steve Price as the Dragons coach. I've been given some transcripts to help make provide clarity of who may take the reigns. I've also been told that Pricey copped the decision to sack him on the chin (actually, there is no confirmation of this, I just wanted to get a chin joke in there).

Candidate 1, Ricky Stuart
Doust: Welcome Ricky, why do you want this job?
Stuart: I think my job in Canberra is completed.
Doust: Really? In all seriousness I find this tough to believe, the Raiders are sitting 14th on the ladder.
Stuart: Look, the refs don't give us a chance, we get hammered every week by them, they just don't like us. Also look at our last game against the Cowboys, we trashed them without Josh Papalii who is in origin camp, that's a huge effort. The boys just try so hard every week and the results haven't been showing that.
Doust: To be fair Ricky, the Cowboys also have players in origin camp.
Ricky: Well that's not an excuse, anyway, I am the reason Tamou is now an origin player, I picked him there to begin with, so it was still good work by me.
Doust: Okay, if you get the job what is your first action?
Ricky: Benji, he's a good player, but he left the Tigers whilst under contract, I would sit down with him and talk to him about loyalty, he needs to hear it from a loyal guy like me.
Doust: Okay, thanks for coming in Ricky, don't call me, I'll call you.
Ricky: Of course you will.

Candidate 2, Tim Sheens
Doust: Welcome Tim, how's it going?
Sheens: I'm good thank you.
Doust: No problem, why do you want the job?
Sheens: Well I've learnt a lot in my current position about coaching and...
Doust: Coaching the Australian team?
Sheens: No, at the Tigers, I get paid to come in and think about how I can coach a side and I've come up with some good ideas.
Doust: Enlighten me please Tim.
Sheens: Well you know how teams stack their bench with forwards, I think I'll stack mine with backs, let my forwards go 80, and we'll play the game out wide. Other teams won't be able to keep up as they won't have backs on the bench to rotate.
Doust: That seems very much out of left field.
Sheens: Gus doesn't call me Shifty Sheens for nothing, I'm noted for doing things differently.
Doust: Can you work with Benji Marshall again?
Sheens: Of course, I just have to play him at lock, he will kill it there, he has some of the skills of a good lock, and other skills that most locks don't have, it's a genius play, he will be unstoppable.
Doust: Thank you for your time Tim, I'll be in touch.

Candidate 3: Wayne Bennett
Doust: Wayne, do you want to coach the Dragons again?
Bennett: Maybe.
Doust: Only a maybe?
Bennett: Yep.
Doust: Okay, well lets go with that, how would you handle a troublesome player like Dugan?
Bennett: Won't play him
Doust: Really, then who is your fullback?
Bennett: Boyd.
Doust: Are you sure he'd come back?
Bennett: Yep
Doust: Who else would come back?
Bennett: Everyone.
Doust: Everyone?
Bennett: Everyone.
Doust: Okay, thanks Wayne, I'll be in touch
Bennett: (mumbles)

Candidate 4: Phil Gould
Doust: Welcome Gus, after years out of coaching why would you be a good fit here?
Gould: I know football
Doust: Are you that confident?
Gould: Yeah, I know the game better than anybody. Would you argue with that?
Doust: You have a very impressive resume, I'll give you that.
Gould: Impressive, name 5 people with better resumes.
Doust: I am supposed to be asking you the questions!
Gould: That's not a question.
Doust: I know but....
Gould: Deary deary me
Doust: Will you step down in your post as Panthers GM if we offer you this job?
Gould: No no no no no.
Doust: Really?
Gould: NO!
Doust: Will you resign from commentary duties?
Gould: NO!
Doust: Can you balance it all whilst still giving the Dragons your best efforts.
Gould: Look at my resume, it's flawless, now make the decision.
Doust: Thanks for your time Gus.
Gould: I'll be expecting your call tomorrow.


738 Words


First Grade
Made it!


Not so Origin (749 words)
This one was meandering a bit but you redeemed yourself with a strong finish. You also sailed very close to my hypothetical "comma limit", I think I'll just let you off with a warning ;-)
Score = 82

Redemption (733 words)
An enjoyable read with a happy ending - although hopefully it's nowhere near finished yet. Some random punctuation errors knocked a couple of points off your score. Go the Panthers on Friday!
Score = 83

RLPCA Office Tour (700 words)
A well-crafted story with an interesting concept. I'll take the one in Room 1B thanks, but only if you've got an up-to-date vaccination certificate.
Score = 84

Dear Nick Politis (745 words)
The emotions come through loud and clear here - definitely written from the heart with a powerful message. I hope it's been sent to someone with a bit more power, unfortunately F7s referees don't rank very highly in the RL food chain.
Score = 88

The New Head of the Dragon (738 words)
Rather odd and strangely enjoyable. Maybe you could do a Part 2 with more interviews? Steve Price the ex Bulldog & Warrior might be a good candidate, or maybe the unknown coach from the country who wears a hat, dark glasses, and has a distinct empty gap where his chin should be.
Score = 85



Result: Souths 422 defeated Ninjas 0
POTM: Bubbles (Souths) :clap: