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2018 World Cup Final: France V. Croatia


Griezmann is the king at winning free kicks. He waits for the contact, and just as it’s about to happen he flicks the ball forward so the opponent clashes into him. He’s definitely been learning the dark arts from Diego Simeone at Atletico Madrid. Regards the final, yes he was already going down before the contact (he misjudged the timing of when he would be hit) but the defender did collide into him, so it’s a free kick.

Croatia were brilliant in the middle of the field and controlled the game, Modric, Rakitic, Brozovic and Perisic ran the game, but unfortunately for them it’s the two ends on either side of midfield that is decisive.

France have the game changer in Mbappé. Quiet first half but he came to life in the second when Pogba started to find him. 19 years old, still raw and learning the game, he won’t be at his best until another four years which is a scary prospect. Can definitely see the similarities with Thierry Henry in the way he glides when he runs with the ball.