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    Spitballing our lineup for next year. Here's our squad first:

    Jack Cogger, Christian Crichton, Adam Elliott, Raymond Faitala-Mariner, Kieran Foran, Corey Harawira-Naera, Kerrod Holland, Will Hopoate, Josh Jackson, David Klemmer, Lachie Lewis, Jeremy Marshall-King, Nick Meaney, Marcelo Montoya, Chris Smith, Sauaso Sue, Aiden Tolman, Renouf To'omagaM, ichael Lichaa, Rhyse Martin

    Off-contract: Nu Brown, Danny Fualalo, Ofahiki Ogden, John Olive, Reimis Smith, Francis Tualau.

    Of the off-contacted I'd like to see us keep Ogden and Smith.

    As for a 17...

    1 Hopoate
    2 Smith
    3 Meaney
    4 Crichton
    5 Montoya
    6 Foran
    7 Lewis
    8 Tolman
    9 Lichaa
    10 Klemmer
    11 Jackson
    12 RFM
    13 Elliott

    14 CHN
    15 Sue
    16 Ogden
    17 Martin

    If Foran's no good, Cogger comes in at 6. Apparently we might be signing Segeyaro?

    Obviously there's still a bit of contract movement and I think we're a little light in back-line depth. thoughts?
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    I like that lineup but we need to replace Lichaa with Seggy should he come on board. I'll also have Martin as first choice kicker over Foran when he comes off the bench.
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    Can we f**k Foran off please. Broken down Mong

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