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    Jun 10, 2003
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    Spitballing our lineup for next year. Here's our squad first:

    Jack Cogger, Christian Crichton, Adam Elliott, Raymond Faitala-Mariner, Kieran Foran, Corey Harawira-Naera, Kerrod Holland, Will Hopoate, Josh Jackson, David Klemmer, Lachie Lewis, Jeremy Marshall-King, Nick Meaney, Marcelo Montoya, Chris Smith, Sauaso Sue, Aiden Tolman, Renouf To'omagaM, ichael Lichaa, Rhyse Martin

    Off-contract: Nu Brown, Danny Fualalo, Ofahiki Ogden, John Olive, Reimis Smith, Francis Tualau.

    Of the off-contacted I'd like to see us keep Ogden and Smith.

    As for a 17...

    1 Hopoate
    2 Smith
    3 Meaney
    4 Crichton
    5 Montoya
    6 Foran
    7 Lewis
    8 Tolman
    9 Lichaa
    10 Klemmer
    11 Jackson
    12 RFM
    13 Elliott

    14 CHN
    15 Sue
    16 Ogden
    17 Martin

    If Foran's no good, Cogger comes in at 6. Apparently we might be signing Segeyaro?

    Obviously there's still a bit of contract movement and I think we're a little light in back-line depth. thoughts?
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  2. ___

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    I like that lineup but we need to replace Lichaa with Seggy should he come on board. I'll also have Martin as first choice kicker over Foran when he comes off the bench.
  3. The Vaulting Violinist

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    Can we f**k Foran off please. Broken down Mong
  4. ___

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    Jan 9, 2017
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    Confirmed: Cleeland and Woolford have left the dogs. Thanks for your service boys.

    What about Beastwood's kick from the sideline in the GF? Champion!
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  5. Dogs Of War

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    I would have liked to keep Woolford. Cleeland is just too old. Prefer some younger to fill that space.
  6. Big Pete

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    Pay is going to have to decide quickly what approach he'll take into 2019. The Bulldogs finished the year strongly, but it remains to be seen how they'll go without the Morris twins who were a big part of that finish.

    They've brought in a lot of fringe first graders who struggled to get opportunities at their former club, and I can't imagine them signing for the Bulldogs just to play for the premiership winning NSW Cup side.

    I'm going to presume that Pay brought them to the club because he wants to inject new blood into the NRL squad and make it his team. If that's the case, I believe you'll see a backline of Meaney, Reimis Smith, Hopoate, Holland and Crichton.

    Meaney isn't a centre, he either plays at fullback or doesn't play at all. I see him as a slightly slower version of Dufty who can get into the clear and is always searching for the footy.

    The move strengthens the edges which were looking pretty bare. Hoppa can handle the position and I think Holland is that whole hearted player coaches love. I'm not sure how long Holland will last in first grade, but I can see him getting a crack before the Dogs start looking at Crichton, Olive or Harper for the position.

    The halves could be an issue with both Lewis and Foran playing down the left hand-side. I'm not sure how well those two are going to combine, which may open the door for Cogger to come in. I'd stick with Lewis/Foran to start off with, but if it doesn't work out then Cogger will get his opportunity and Lewis may move into the centres where he played some NSW Cup in.

    I thought Pay struck a great balance with the Dogs pack this year. They played tough uncompromising footy which bothered a lot of the top teams when they faced off. I agree mostly with Tim's pack, except I reckon Martin's goal-kicking may gave him the edge over Faitala-Mariner who is probably better coming off the bench.

    I also wouldn't be surprised if Pay has big plans for Corey Harawira-Naera and rushes him into the starting side. The only problem is he primarily plays on the right edge where Jackson plays. Jackson will either have to transition into a lock forward role, or Harawira-Naera may find himself in the centres.

    For the bench I'm thinking Marshall-King, Sue, Fualalo & Faitala-Mariner. There seems to be some conjecture over Fualalo's future, but I'm pretty sure he signed a two year deal in 2017. I thought he showed plenty of improvement for the Bulldogs and his second phase became a real feature of their offence. I reckon that bench can really switch the tempo on teams and with To'omaga and Tualau ripping it up in the NSW Cup, there's some decent depth there.

    It's going to be a tough season for the Bulldogs, but if Pay can get that forward pack to fire and a couple of his unheralded players to become consistent first graders, a Top 8 spot isn't out of the question.

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