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2020 R17 Fri - Rabbitohs 16-22 Storm @ ANZ

Round 17: Rabbitohs v Storm

  • Draw after Golden Point

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4th best side in the comp. They can trouble the three ahead of them, but at 80 minutes the game is too long.

I think the game was a massive tribute to Bellamy.

The man the game could only beat by changing the rules almost to the point where it’s no longer recognisable.

Love him or hate him, very few people have had as much influence on the game in our generation.

Listen to him carefully, he never sings his own praises.

He’s the best coach of all time, by far. Boring, but such is life.

Give him 4 years and he’ll give any club 2 finals appearance and one flag.

He’d be the ideal person to bring the mighty bears back to nrl life.