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    three certainties in life
    Tigers win in round 1
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    Based on this year's draw, there's no way the NRL would make the Panfer's travel all the way to Nth QLD. Bathurst might be as far as they go and that's still classed as a home game for them!!
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    It's a comment on the rather odd practice of stating number of days in an attempt to make something sound longer, as I'm sure you are aware. But about what I'd expect from you.
  4. The_Frog

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    May 25, 2020
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    Panthers played in Townsville in round 19.
  5. sempmrh

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    When you haven’t been able to attend a game at home since September of 2019 after not missing a game since 2008 you can count how long it’s been any way you like.
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    Canberra isn’t Sydney-based. Hope that helps.
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  7. LeagueUnlimited News

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    The quote was from the NRL's article, take it up with them.
  8. LeagueUnlimited News

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    Jun 9, 2005
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  9. The_Frog

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    Covid's a bugger, it is true.
  10. LeagueUnlimited News

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    Jun 9, 2005
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  11. moffla

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    This. People forget we spent the whole season watching games essentially alone. Stadiums, bars, or even having mates over was a foreign concept at times. I'm counting down the days until March 11 too.
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  12. LeagueUnlimited News

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    Jun 9, 2005
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    Round 1
    Thursday, Mar 11
    Storm vs. Rabbitohs AAMI 8:05pm
    Friday, Mar 12 Knights vs. Bulldogs McDonald Jones 6:00pm
    Broncos vs. Eels Suncorp 8:05pm
    Saturday, Mar 13 Warriors vs. Titans Mt Smart 3:00pm
    Roosters vs. Sea Eagles SCG 5:30pm
    Panthers vs. Cowboys Panthers 7:35pm
    Sunday, Mar 14 Raiders vs. Tigers GIO 4:05pm
    Dragons vs. Sharks Netstrata Jubilee 6:15pm

    Round 2
    Thursday, Mar 18 Eels vs. Storm Bankwest 8:05pm
    Friday, Mar 19 Warriors vs. Knights Mt Smart 6:00pm
    Titans vs. Broncos Cbus Super 8:05pm
    Saturday, Mar 20 Bulldogs vs. Panthers Bankwest 3:00pm
    Sea Eagles vs. Rabbitohs Lottoland 5:30pm
    Cowboys vs. Dragons QLD Country Bank 7:35pm
    Sunday, Mar 21 Tigers vs. Roosters Campbelltown 4:05pm
    Sharks vs. Raiders Netstrata Jubilee 6:15pm

    Round 3
    Thursday, Mar 25 Panthers vs. Storm Panthers 8:05pm
    Friday, Mar 26 Dragons vs. Sea Eagles WIN 6:00pm
    Rabbitohs vs. Roosters ANZ 8:05pm
    Saturday, Mar 27 Raiders vs. Warriors GIO 3:00pm
    Broncos vs. Bulldogs Suncorp 5:30pm
    Eels vs. Sharks Bankwest 7:35pm
    Sunday, Mar 28 Knights vs. Tigers McDonald Jones 4:05pm
    Cowboys vs. Titans QLD Country Bank 6:15pm

    Round 4 (Easter)
    Thursday, Apr 1 Sea Eagles vs. Panthers Lottoland 8:05pm
    Friday, Apr 2 Bulldogs vs. Rabbitohs ANZ 4:05pm
    Storm vs. Broncos AAMI 8:05pm
    Saturday, Apr 3 Titans vs. Raiders Sunshine Coast 5:30pm
    Sharks vs. Cowboys Cbus Super 7:35pm
    Sunday, Apr 4 Knights vs. Dragons McDonald Jones 4:05pm
    Roosters vs. Warriors SCG 6:15pm
    Monday, Apr 5 Tigers vs. Eels Bankwest 4:00pm

    Round 5
    Thursday, Apr 8 Rabbitohs vs. Broncos ANZ 7:50pm
    Friday, Apr 9 Warriors vs. Sea Eagles Mt Smart 6:00pm
    Panthers vs. Raiders Panthers 7:55pm
    Saturday, Apr 10 Titans vs. Knights Cbus Super 3:00pm
    Bulldogs vs. Storm HBF (Perth) 5:30pm
    Roosters vs. Sharks Central Coast 7:35pm
    Sunday, Apr 11 Tigers vs. Cowboys Leichhardt 4:05pm
    Eels vs. Dragons Bankwest 6:15pm

    Round 6
    Thursday, Apr 15 Broncos vs. Panthers Suncorp 7:50pm
    Friday, Apr 16 Knights vs. Sharks McDonald Jones 6:00pm
    Storm vs. Roosters AAMI 7:55pm
    Saturday, Apr 17 Sea Eagles vs. Titans Mudgee 3:00pm
    Rabbitohs vs. Tigers ANZ 5:30pm
    Raiders vs. Eels GIO 7:35pm
    Sunday, Apr 18 Dragons vs. Warriors Netstrata Jubilee 2:00pm
    Cowboys vs. Bulldogs QLD Country Bank 4:05pm

    Round 7 (ANZAC)
    Thursday, Apr 22 Panthers vs. Knights Panthers 7:50pm
    Friday, Apr 23 Titans vs. Rabbitohs Cbus 6:00pm
    Eels vs. Broncos TIO (Darwin) 7:55pm
    Saturday, Apr 24 Sharks vs. Bulldogs Netstrata Jubilee 5:30pm
    Cowboys vs. Raiders QLD Country Bank 7:35pm
    Sunday, Apr 25 Tigers vs. Sea Eagles Bankwest 1:45pm
    Roosters vs. Dragons SCG 4:05pm
    Storm vs. Warriors AAMI 6:15pm

    Round 8
    Thursday, Apr 29 Raiders vs. Rabbitohs GIO 7:50pm
    Friday, Apr 30 Storm vs. Sharks AAMI 6:00pm
    Broncos vs. Titans Suncorp 7:55pm
    Saturday, May 1 Panthers vs. Sea Eagles Bathurst 3:00pm
    Bulldogs vs. Eels ANZ 5:30pm
    Knights vs. Roosters McDonald Jones 7:35pm
    Sunday, May 2 Warriors vs. Cowboys Mt Smart 2:00pm
    Dragons vs. Tigers WIN 4:05pm

    Round 9
    Thursday, May 6 Rabbitohs vs. Storm ANZ 7:50pm
    Friday, May 7 Panthers vs. Sharks Panthers 6:00pm
    Eels vs. Roosters Bankwest 7:55pm
    Saturday, May 8 Raiders vs. Knights Wagga 3:00pm
    Tigers vs. Titans Campbelltown 5:30pm
    Cowboys vs. Broncos QLD Country Bank 7:35pm
    Sunday, May 9 Sea Eagles vs. Warriors Lottoland 2:00pm
    Dragons vs. Bulldogs Netstrata Jubilee 4:05pm

    Round 10 (Magic)
    Friday, May 14 Tigers vs. Knights Suncorp 6:00pm
    Sea Eagles vs. Broncos Suncorp 8:05pm
    Saturday, May 15 Bulldogs vs. Raiders Suncorp 3:00pm
    Sharks vs. Rabbitohs Suncorp 5:30pm
    Roosters vs. Cowboys Suncorp 7:45pm
    Sunday, May 16 Warriors vs. Eels Suncorp 1:50pm
    Storm vs. Dragons Suncorp 4:05pm
    Titans vs. Panthers Suncorp 6:25pm

    Round 11
    Thursday, May 20 Cowboys vs. Knights QLD Country Bank 7:50pm
    Friday, May 21 Warriors vs. Tigers Mt Smart 6:00pm
    Sharks vs. Dragons Netstrata Jubilee 7:55pm
    Saturday, May 22 Titans vs. Bulldogs Cbus Super 3:00pm
    Roosters vs. Broncos SCG 5:30pm
    Raiders vs. Storm GIO 7:35pm
    Sunday, May 23 Rabbitohs vs. Panthers Dubbo 2:00pm
    Eels vs. Sea Eagles Bankwest 4:05pm

    Round 12 (Indigenous)
    Thursday, May 27 Broncos vs. Storm Suncorp 7:50pm
    Friday, May 28 Cowboys vs. Warriors QLD Country Bank 6:00pm
    Tigers vs. Dragons Bankwest 7:55pm
    Saturday, May 29 Panthers vs. Bulldogs Panthers 3:00pm
    Rabbitohs vs. Eels ANZ 5:30pm
    Roosters vs. Raiders HBF (Perth) 7:35pm
    Sunday, May 30 Sharks vs. Titans Coffs 2:00pm
    Knights vs. Sea Eagles McDonald Jones 4:05pm

    Round 13
    Thursday, Jun 3 Dragons vs. Broncos Netstrata Jubilee 7:50pm
    Friday, Jun 4 Tigers vs. Panthers Leichhardt 7:55pm
    Saturday, Jun 5 Storm vs. Titans AAMI 7:35pm
    Sunday, Jun 6 Knights vs. Eels McDonald Jones 4:05pm
    Byes Bulldogs, Cowboys, Rabbitohs, Raiders, Roosters, Sea Eagles, Sharks, Warriors

    Round 14
    Friday, Jun 11 Sea Eagles vs. Cowboys Lottoland 6:00pm
    Sharks vs. Panthers Netstrata Jubilee 7:55pm
    Saturday, Jun 12 Titans vs. Roosters Cbus Super 3:00pm
    Rabbitohs vs. Knights ANZ 5:30pm
    Raiders vs. Broncos GIO 7:35pm
    Sunday, Jun 13 Warriors vs. Storm Mt Smart 2:00pm
    Eels vs. Tigers Bankwest 4:05pm
    Monday, Jun 14 Bulldogs vs. Dragons ANZ 4:00pm

    Round 15
    Thursday, Jun 17 Broncos vs. Rabbitohs Suncorp 7:50pm
    Friday, Jun 18 Cowboys vs. Sharks QLD Country Bank 6:00pm
    Panthers vs. Roosters Panthers 7:55pm
    Saturday, Jun 19 Knights vs. Warriors McDonald Jones 3:00pm
    Dragons vs. Raiders WIN 5:30pm
    Storm vs. Tigers AAMI 7:35pm
    Sunday, Jun 20 Eels vs. Bulldogs Bankwest 2:00pm
    Titans vs. Sea Eagles Cbus Super 4:05pm

    Round 16
    Thursday, Jul 1 Roosters vs. Storm SCG 7:50pm
    Friday, Jul 2 Warriors vs. Dragons Mt Smart 6:00pm
    Panthers vs. Eels Panthers 7:55pm
    Saturday, Jul 3 Bulldogs vs. Sea Eagles ANZ 3:00pm
    Raiders vs. Titans GIO 5:30pm
    Knights vs. Cowboys McDonald Jones 7:35pm
    Sunday, Jul 4 Broncos vs. Sharks Suncorp 2:00pm
    Tigers vs. Rabbitohs Leichhardt 4:05pm

    Round 17
    Thursday, Jul 8 Sea Eagles vs. Raiders Lottoland 7:50pm
    Friday, Jul 9 Rabbitohs vs. Cowboys ANZ 7:55pm
    Saturday, Jul 10 Bulldogs vs. Roosters Bankwest 7:35pm
    Sunday, Jul 11 Sharks vs. Warriors Netstrata Jubilee 4:05pm
    Byes Broncos, Dragons, Eels, Knights, Panthers, Storm, Wests Tigers, Titans

    Round 18
    Friday, Jul 16 Titans vs. Eels Cbus Super 6:00pm
    Sea Eagles vs. Dragons Lottoland 7:55pm
    Saturday, Jul 17 Raiders vs. Sharks GIO 3:00pm
    Storm vs. Knights QLD Country Bank 5:30pm
    Cowboys vs. Roosters AAMI 7:35pm
    Sunday, Jul 18 Warriors vs. Panthers Mt Smart 2:00pm
    Broncos vs. Tigers Suncorp 4:05pm
    Rabbitohs vs. Bulldogs ANZ 6:15pm

    Round 19
    Thursday, Jul 22 Eels vs. Raiders Bankwest 7:50pm
    Friday, Jul 23 Roosters vs. Knights SCG 6:00pm
    Cowboys vs. Storm QLD Country Bank 7:55pm
    Saturday, Jul 24 Rabbitohs vs. Warriors Sunshine Coast 3:00pm
    Sea Eagles vs. Tigers Central Coast 5:30pm
    Panthers vs. Broncos Panthers 7:35pm
    Sunday, Jul 25 Dragons vs. Titans Netstrata Jubilee 2:00pm
    Bulldogs vs. Sharks Bankwest 4:05pm

    Round 20
    Thursday, Jul 29 Roosters vs. Eels SCG 7:50pm
    Friday, Jul 30 Tigers vs. Warriors Bankwest 6:00pm
    Broncos vs. Cowboys Suncorp 7:55pm
    Saturday, Jul 31 Dragons vs. Rabbitohs WIN 3:00pm
    Knights vs. Raiders McDonald Jones 5:30pm
    Storm vs. Panthers AAMI 7:35pm
    Sunday, Aug 1 Bulldogs vs. Titans Bankwest 2:00pm
    Sharks vs. Sea Eagles Netstrata Jubilee 4:05pm

    Round 21
    Thursday, Aug 5 Knights vs. Broncos McDonald Jones 7:50pm
    Friday, Aug 6 Raiders vs. Dragons GIO 6:00pm
    Eels vs. Rabbitohs Bankwest 7:55pm
    Saturday, Aug 7 Warriors vs. Sharks Mt Smart 3:00pm
    Roosters vs. Panthers SCG 5:30pm
    Sea Eagles vs. Storm Lottoland 7:35pm
    Sunday, Aug 8 Bulldogs vs. Tigers Belmore 2:00pm
    Titans vs. Cowboys Cbus Super 4:05pm

    Round 22
    Thursday, Aug 12 Storm vs. Raiders AAMI 7:50pm
    Friday, Aug 13 Dragons vs. Panthers WIN 6:00pm
    Broncos vs. Roosters Suncorp 7:55pm
    Saturday, Aug 14 Rabbitohs vs. Titans Central Coast 3:00pm
    Sea Eagles vs. Eels QLD Country Bank 5:30pm
    Cowboys vs. Tigers Lottoland 7:35pm
    Sunday, Aug 15 Warriors vs. Bulldogs Mt Smart 2:00pm
    Sharks vs. Knights Netstrata Jubilee 4:05pm

    Round 23
    Thursday, Aug 19 Titans vs. Storm Cbus Super 7:50pm
    Friday, Aug 20 Raiders vs. Sea Eagles GIO 6:00pm
    Panthers vs. Rabbitohs Panthers 7:55pm
    Saturday, Aug 21 Tigers vs. Sharks Tamworth 3:00pm
    Bulldogs vs. Knights ANZ 5:30pm
    Eels vs. Cowboys Bankwest 7:35pm
    Sunday, Aug 22 Dragons vs. Roosters Netstrata Jubilee 2:00pm
    Broncos vs. Warriors Suncorp 4:05pm

    Round 24
    Thursday, Aug 26 Knights vs. Titans McDonald Jones 7:50pm
    Friday, Aug 27 Warriors vs. Raiders Mt Smart 6:00pm
    Roosters vs. Rabbitohs SCG 7:55pm
    Saturday, Aug 28 Dragons vs. Cowboys WIN 3:00pm
    Sharks vs. Broncos Netstrata Jubilee 5:30pm
    Storm vs. Eels AAMI 7:35pm
    Sunday, Aug 29 Sea Eagles vs. Bulldogs Lottoland 2:00pm
    Panthers vs. Tigers Panthers 4:05pm

    Round 25
    Thursday, Sep 2 Raiders vs. Roosters GIO 7:50pm
    Friday, Sep 3 Sharks vs. Storm Netstrata Jubilee 6:00pm
    Eels vs. Panthers Bankwest 7:55pm
    Saturday, Sep 4 Rabbitohs vs. Dragons ANZ 3:00pm
    Broncos vs. Knights Suncorp 5:30pm
    Cowboys vs. Sea Eagles QLD Country Bank 7:35pm
    Sunday, Sep 5 Titans vs. Warriors Cbus Super 2:00pm
    Tigers vs. Bulldogs Campbelltown 4:05pm
    Sunday, Sep 5 Titans vs. Warriors Cbus Super 2:00pm
    Tigers vs. Bulldogs Campbelltown 4:05pm

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  13. moffla

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    Aside from not having a game at AAMI Park from April 30 - June 5, pretty happy with our draw.
    Gonna be good to be back.

    Edit: Also spewing about no home arvo games but oh well
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  14. super_coach

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    Bronks got rorted...they only got 75% of their matches on Friday or Thursday night. Obviously the NRL are not worried about TV ratings
  15. jc155776

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    Classic Bronco prime time football returns.

    Another year of spin performances would be so good. Low ratings.... but NRL and Nine will blame something else other than selecting a shit team for prime team.
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  16. Valheru

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    I do a yearly trip with a mate for an interstate roosters game every year, we were meant to do Melbourne this year.

    Let's just say I can't wait for round 6. Stoked it's a Friday night too.
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  17. Silent Knight

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    Why would TV ratings be impacted? I bet lots of people loved laughing at the Donkeys on Thursday and Friday night this year and the glum look on Gravelmouth's face. I know I did.
  18. Silent Knight

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    Dec 18, 2010
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    Albury can get f*cked for good. The government might as well redraw the border while we're at it since they're so passionate about being Mexicans.
  19. Vozzy

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    Im a tigers fan and even i think its a vit much putting us on nearly every Sunday channel 9 game. We are not an attacking team like the past. Im happy to be called the Sunday arvo tigers like the donkeys are for friday. Even when we play the broncos its on a sunday afternoon.
  20. Perth Red

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    Perth games for anyone who fancies a weekend out West.

    Round 5
    Bulldogs vs. Storm HBF (Perth) 5:30pm

    Round 12 (Indigenous)
    Roosters vs. Raiders HBF (Perth) 7:35pm
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