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2021 Magic R10 Sun - Warriors 18-34 Parramatta @ Suncorp

Round 10: Warriors v Parramatta

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Credit to Tuivasa Scheck for not feigning an injury there. High contact but absolutely incidental and not worthy of a penalty. He could have milked that easy..

the irony is this stupidity was brought in because of a missed call in a Parra game. Then a clear first contact to head (nothing it in mind you) that is a sin bin under current standards is missed

2 weeks

True story:

a guy at the TAB said to me today the bet of the round is warriors will lose by 13+. I was thinking in my head how warriors don't really get blown out this year so i was like whatever bro in my head.
then when i turned around he was gone like an angel there one minute gone the next.

i am a fool for not listening.

Was it this guy ?