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2021 R1 Sun - St Geo Illa 18-32 Cronulla @ Netstrata Jubilee

Round 1: St Geo Illa v Cronulla

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And that’s why Dufty gets dropped from first grade.

has a great moment then his brain disappears and makes errors...

Two dropped balls leading to Sharks tries and our subsequent demise.

The loss isn’t completely his fault - many others were woeful.

But he blames others by taking “toxicity” and doesn’t take ownership. Feels entitled.

Happy to see him eff-off elsewhere
A 65kg peaheart touch footballer who can't catch or try to tackle.
And to top off the mind-numbing afternoon I’ve had...

stayed on for MJ Sunday night show, Hindmarsh says Dufty was “outstanding” and “everywhere”...

Apart from one lightning run for a try... Dufty was hardly sighted in the first half, made a dud attacking kick to turn the ball over - and review it / lose the review...

Two dropped balls in the 2nd leading to tries.

But yeah - outstanding ..

This Year?

People are complaining about the dragons being robbed with that Ramsay no try and the minute lost on the clock, but what about the 10+ pages of meltdowns that we've all been robbed of?

This Year?

Last time a dragon stood up for a mate, he got a week and a 10k fine.
Looking forward to what Abdo will say to my lastest crush Blake Lawrie this week.

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