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2021 R2 Sun - Cronulla 10-12 Canberra @ Netstrata Jubilee

Round 2: Cronulla v Canberra

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myrrh ken

First Grade
And the sharks should have been sin binned in the first half when we made a clean break and the sharks committed a professional foul

Swings and roundabouts
Also they suck. A lot. And we're really awesome. Like really awesome. Also they really suck. Dugan? Haha. Bum. Chad T? Homeless man's Chris Thorman. Sharon Woods is an absolute waste of time and i quite like Rudolf but only when he's helping Santa deliver toys to kids. Terrible team. They're going no where, except Perth.

Real thoughts, the sharks are a team that typically give us trouble, they get under our skin and put us off our game. They did it again late in the game. The conditions were not good and im happy just to take the two points and keep it moving. I though we were the better team most of the game and didnt execute, on a dry track we win comfortably, but it is what it is. The sharks made us earn it and we did JUST enough

Onward and upward

The problem with ironic posts is you aren't supposed to heap shit on players that are actually shit


i aint throwing out soft excuses, we posted poorly today but i see the effort. i have 17 posters hurting in the sheds after that performance. The effort is in there they post the house down at training and i expect the same 17 boys to bounce back with a better performance next week

No point bringing out the A grade material when D grade gets the job done.

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