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2021 R3 Fri - St Geo Illa 38-12 Manly @ WIN

Round 3: St Geo Illa v Manly

  • Draw after Golden Point

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Post Whore
You’re most definitely bald underneath that. If Manly hasn’t done it, the Tsingtaos did.

Tings ain't that bad mate you should try having to drink Kingfishers there is enough glycerine in a stubby to moisturise Latrell Mitchell


pearl river is the go to cheap swill

Yeah that shit's alright. When I first got to China I had that in Guilin and I was like "Beer is fine here!". How wrong I was.

I moved to Wuhan in 2009 I think. Like short of a trip to a dedicated supermarket like Metro that's all you were getting, particularly if you ate at the really awesome Shaokao joints in Wuhan. Snow is so f**king crap you get a stomach ache from drinking too much fluid before you get drunk.

Mr. Shaman

Yeah, but have you tried to mix some Jinjiu into it to get a bit more value out of it?

Tend to avoid buying it. There's decent options in my area. My local Howdys stocks Goose Island, and if I'm desperate, Heineken. There's a Brew Dog pub down the road, and a local craft joint Master Gao does a few decent drops.