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2021 R4 Sun - Newcastle 13-22 St Geo Illa @ McDonald Jones

Round 4: Newcastle v St Geo Illa

  • Draw after Golden Point

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Tariq Sims has always been a very good footballer.



First Grade
Losing hunt who has been in great form and still winning is a great sign for the dragons

I wonder what mcgregor is thinking

This Year?

That game gave me so many emotions. From joy to outrage to laughter, anger, disappointment, excitement, sorrow, pride.
I don't know what it is about Saints that gets under the Knights skin, but it surfaced a few times. Is it because Saints showed a bit of unexpected backbone or because things didn't go the way the Knights thought it would?
I can't remember a game where a side lost it's 1 6 7 and also had a bare bench. I really think the NRL needs to extend the bench to 5 and forget this 18th man only for concussion thing. There will still be the fatigue factor with enough to cover injuries, plus still have enough quality. The Knights have some bad luck and some hard lessons early. People can say it's a hollow victory when its against a team decimated with injury, but we are like a junkyard dog. Dumb as a box of rocks, but will never give up in a scrap and I couldn't be more proud of them.

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