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2021 R8 Sat - Newcastle 4-38 Sydney @ McDonald Jones

Round 8: Newcastle v Sydney

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you signed a coach that has an IQ only marginally higher than Kevvie. Apart from blake green the knights have a solid squad but are just incredibly badly coached.
I don’t know. There wasn’t many options on the market and O’Brien was a part of the best systems and seemed like the best option at the time.

There’s a cultural problem within the place which was there long before O’Brien that has never been fixed. He needs to fix it and soon. We’ve got the best supporter base in the NRL and deserve to have a team to be proud of.


To be fair to Newcastle their coach came through all the right systems, it's always a bit of a risk taking on a coach who's never been the head coach but based on the clubs he had been an assistant at you can't really blame them

That's the problem though. Assuming an underling is a gun just because their boss is a borderline all time great is pretty stupid.

I think after twenty years of watching Melbourne players turn into plodders once leaving it is safe to assume the Bellamy system isn't a transferable skill set.

We should think the same of assistants where the head coach is an all timer.

It's the same as doing the yawnion thing of evaluating someone off their private school.
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I just watched the injury replays... so bad.

whilst the Morris one was really bad luck from the timing of the tackle, was the Collins one preventable? Looked like a hip drop to me.

This Year?

What a hollow victory for the Roosters. They picked apart the Knights as easily as they did to the Dragons last week. Walker has fit in nicely as pretty much a Keary type role. Sad to see the injuries esp to BMoz. Hearing his cries in pain and Fox getting close ups was sickening. I get that the media money is very important to the game but it's a terrible look. Why can't they respect an injured player?
The Knights shape looked really poor at times and I don't know if it's Brailey's or Green's fault. I understand their oppoenents have arguably the best defence in the NRL, but they need to do more with the ball.