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2021 R8 Thu - Canberra 20-34 South Sydney @ GIO

Round 8: Canberra v South Sydney

  • Draw after Golden Point

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So well milked we didn't get a repeat set all night. In fact, of the 8 penalties we received, the only two you could argue were the two we received when they pushed the man playing the ball over.

The other 6 were black-and-white acts.

On the other hand, the Raiders got 7 repeat sets, all discretionary.

You do realise that penalties are discretionary as well don't you? Like when referees use their discretion to give or not give a penalty, based on whether they think its milking or not.

For example, by the rulebook Souths were awarded a soft penalty for a dangerous tackle/lifting above the horizontal, but then later in the game a Raiders player was lifted above the horizontal and it was play on.