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2022 R14 Sat - Sydney 18-26 Melbourne @ SCG

Round 14: Sydney v Melbourne

  • Sydney Roosters

    Votes: 3 33.3%
  • Melbourne Storm

    Votes: 6 66.7%
  • Draw after Golden Point

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


Does annoy anyone else that you can’t watch back to back games on Kayo …. Or am I being a massive Robbo ?

just watch the live station instead of the game.

They make it a bitch to scroll to all the live channels though, it’s the last row on the home page

Perth Red

Post Whore
You can, go to the bottom of the main page and the channels are there. You can leave Fox League on.

The individual streams are to gauge viewership.
Cheers hadn’t spotted that, it used to do my head in as well as I was usually under my car when it switched off!

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