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2022 R5 Sat - Canberra 16-30 Melbourne @ Wagga

Round 5: Canberra v Melbourne

  • Canberra Raiders

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  • Melbourne Storm

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  • Draw after Golden Point

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Did what was needed. Defensive work needed on that right edge, been iffy for years
Coates might have a license from Bellamy to jam in, because he hasn't stopped doing it.

He did it a lot at brisbane too.


How does Stuart fool the Raiders board, year in, year out ?
Honestly, he's hopeless.

The board can be shown 3 preliminary finals in 5 years from 2016-2020 and be sold the club is on the right track. There's no arguing it's our most "successful" (such as it is) period in 25 years or so.

His ideas & selections/retention deals are stuck in 2019 however. I think he might have taken the team as far as he can. He's too stubborn to change and no chance of recognising that the time has come though. The team don't seem to be listening to him and several of his latest moves seem more about keeping some allies in the dressing room than good business (massive overs in $$ & years terms extensions for Croker & Whitehead when zero other clubs are chasing them, etc).