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2022 R7 Mon - Melbourne 70-10 Warriors @ AAMI

Round 7: Melbourne v Warriors

  • Melbourne Storm

    Votes: 8 72.7%
  • Warriors

    Votes: 3 27.3%
  • Draw after Golden Point

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .

League Unlimited News

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NRL 2022 - Round 7
Melbourne Storm v Warriors
AAMI Park, Melbourne, Melbourne (TICKETS)
Monday 25 April 2022

NRL kickoff 7:00pm


1. Ryan Papenhuyzen 2. Nick Meaney 3. Reimis Smith 4. Justin Olam 5. Xavier Coates 6. Cameron Munster 7. Jahrome Hughes 8. Jesse Bromwich 9. Harry Grant 10. Nelson Asofa-Solomona 11. Felise Kaufusi 12. Kenny Bromwich 13. Josh King
Interchange: 14. Brandon Smith 15. Tyran Wishart 16. Trent Loiero 17. Tepai Moeroa 18. Chris Lewis 19. Marion Seve 20. Alec MacDonald 21. Jordan Grant 22. Jack Howarth 23. Bronson Garlick 24. Cooper Johns


1. Reece Walsh 2. Dallin Watene-Zelezniak 3. Jesse Arthars 4. Adam Pompey 5. Edward Kosi 6. Chanel Harris-Tavita 7. Shaun Johnson 8. Addin Fonua-Blake 9. Wayde Egan 10. Matt Lodge 11. Euan Aitken 12. Bayley Sironen 13. Josh Curran
Interchange: 14. Kodi Nikorima 15. Bunty Afoa 16. Aaron Pene 17. Eliesa Katoa 18. Taniela Otukolo 20. Jazz Tevaga 21. Viliami Vailea 22. Rocco Berry 23. Valingi Kepu 24. Junior Ratuva 25. Garrett Smith


Referee: Liam Kennedy
Sideline Officials: Chris Sutton, Nick Pelgrave
Video Referee: Gerard Sutton

- Lower Grades: NSW Cup & Jersey Flegg U21 -
Canterbury v Victoria at Belmore, Sat - Flegg 1:30pm

- Lower Grades: QLD Cup & Colts U21 -
Falcons v Cutters at Sunshine Coast, Sat - Colts 2:15pm / Cup 4pm
Pride v Redcliffe at Barlow, Sat - Colts 3:30pm / Cup 5:30pm
Brisbane v Capras at Tingalpa, Sun - Colts 1pm / Cup 3pm​
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I Bleed Maroon

Normally the Warriors do well to trouble Melbourne @ AAMI. Not this season though I don't think. It's gonna be the Munster show until he finally decides where he's going.

Melbourne by 16.


Warriors will be competitive but Melbourne to run away with a 13+ win int he last 15 minutes

Perth Red

Post Whore
Munster to up his Dolphins contract by another $100k after this display against the Warriors. Storm by 16.


Post Whore
Begging every deity on the roster for an upset here.

Will suck deity-doodle for a Storm loss. Standing offer every week. Additional favours available when Parra play them

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