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2023 R16 Sat - Newcastle 16-18 Sydney @ McDonald Jones

Round 16: Newcastle v Sydney

  • Newcastle Knights

    Votes: 5 71.4%
  • Sydney Roosters

    Votes: 2 28.6%
  • Draw after Golden Point

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters
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NRL 2023 - Round 16
Newcastle Knights v Sydney Roosters
McDonald Jones Stadium, New Lambton / Awabakal, New Lambton (TICKETS)
Saturday 17 June 2023

Gates open 12:30pm, NSW Cup 12:40pm, NRL kickoff 3pm. Broadcast live on Fox League, Kayo Sports.


1. Kalyn Ponga 2. Dominic Young 3. Dane Gagai 4. Bradman Best 5. Enari Tuala 6. Tyson Gamble 7. Jackson Hastings 8. Daniel Saifiti 9. Phoenix Crossland 10. Leo Thompson 11. Dylan Lucas 12. Lachlan Fitzgibbon 13. Adam Elliott 14. Kurt Mann 15. Jacob Saifiti 16. Jack Hetherington 17. Mathew Croker 18. Jack Johns 19. Simi Sasagi 20. Brodie Jones 21. Lachlan Miller 22. Adam Clune

Out: Greg Marzhew (wing), Tyson Frizell (second row)
In: Enari Tuala (wing), Lachlan Fitzgibbon (second row)


1. Joseph Manu 2. Daniel Tupou 3. Corey Allan 4. Billy Smith 5. Junior Pauga 6. Luke Keary 7. Sandon Smith 8. Jared Waerea-Hargreaves 9. Jake Turpin 10. Nat Butcher 11. Egan Butcher 12. Sitili Tupouniua 13. Naufahu Whyte 14. Drew Hutchison 15. Nathan Brown 16. Terrell May 17. Angus Crichton 18. Siua Wong 19. Zach Dockar-Clay 20. Jaxson Paulo 21. Tuipulotu Katoa 22. Elie El Zakhem

Out: James Tedesco (fullback), Lindsay Collins (front row), Matt Lodge (bench)
In: Billy Smith (centre), Naufahu Whyte (lock), Terrell May (bench)
Changes: Drew Hutchison (centre to bench), Joseph Manu (five-eighth to fullback), Luke Keary (halfback to five-eighth), Nat Butcher (second row to front row), Sitili Tupouniua (lock to second row), Sandon Smith (bench to halfback)


Referee: Grant Atkins
Sideline Officials: Belinda Sharpe, Todd Smith
Video Referee: Matt Noyen

Newcastle^ v Melbourne at Cessnock, Sat - Flegg 11am
Newcastle^ v Sydney^ at McDonald Jones, Sat 12:40pm (FOX)
South Sydney v Sydney^ / North Sydney^ at Coogee, Sun - Flegg 1pm / NSW Cup 3pm​
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I Bleed Maroon

If the same Newy team that gave Brissy a run turns up, they should do it frankly pretty easy. The Sombreros are up shit creek hard now


Roosters in an upset.. Newcastle just arent that good. But either are the Roosters. Manu to have a blinder in the 1
Roosters in an upset.. Newcastle just arent that good. But either are the Roosters. Manu to have a blinder in the 1

I wouldn't hold my breath in relation to Manu. His form's been below par all season regardless of what position he's played in. Yes he could turn it around, but I don't think his problems are positional related. If he just has a solid game, I'll be happy as it will be an improvement on what he has dished up so far this season.


Knights played with resolve last week against the Broncos. Unlucky to lose that one. I think they might get the Roosters this week.

This Year?

If Knights had a better option than Crossland, we could be warming it up.
Both the Knights halves to get a try.


Post Whore
Shooting Stars takes me back to being like 20 in what seemed like endless summers.

I'm assuming all those ancient songs they used to blare over the speakers when I was a kid was firing the synapses of people my age now back when I had no idea what the f**k this prehistoric music was.
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