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2023 Rabbitohs General Chat


Geez @callmack1 Sam has some big issues to face.

He can’t stay on the gear and raise the kids.

He’s going to need to be sent away to rehab, change his peer group and all that.

What do you think?
I think he is being picked on, her family are vindictive and her father has power and conections,dont be surprised if he is negative,he went straight to an independent lab and had the test and he was neg, and the drivers licence issue was not from now but over a year ago, but hey anything for sensationalsm and to discredit sam, a witchhunt


Staff member
Before I get so drunk I can't type, just thought I'd jump on and wish everyone a safe and happy New Year.

We'll see ya in 2023 when we chase the ultimate prize once again.