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Anyone meeting before game?


Post Whore
Hold old is he, mate? Tell him that there's Parra supporters out there that wish him a happy birthday.

Thanks champ. He's 85, recently became blind after a series of mild strokes, and suffers from ever increasing dementia. He's in there with mum, who is 87 and not in the best of health herself.

It is dad who I can thank for me being an Eels fan. He grew up in Bronte and played rep football for the Roosters back in the day. Under 23's or reserves. I'm not sure but will check with him on Sunday as his long term memory is not too bad. He met my mum at a CYO dance, moved to Harris Park, and he instantly became an Eels fan.
As a wee lad, I still remember sitting on his shoulders watching Eels games at the old Cumberland Oval in the late 60's/early 70's. I was immediately addicted. When he got tired of holding me up, I used to grab the empty ice-cream boxes and slide down the grass at the back of the hill.

I'm going to the game with my kids and my sisters family on Sunday. 8 of us altogether. We would love to take mum and dad but even they think it would be too much for them so they are happy to watch it in the home. We'll meet for a couple of hours though beforehand there. Have a coffee and some birthday cake and talk about old times.

I'm really looking forward to Sunday, for more reasons than just the footy.
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