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Caption Time


First Grade

I don't care how much you sulk, I'm not 100% it's your thumb so I'm not pulling it




Rusty - "Want me to lose another button? Get that mix of macho and sexy going? You read my workout tweets, I'll lose the shirt completely"

Photographer - "Keep the shirt, lose the buttons, thankyou Russell. Just look off into the distance to the right like you're reaching for thoughts. And keep working that macho/sexy thing. You're a sage but also a man of action, got it?"

Rusty - "Right, right. I'm contemplating my own greatness and looking macho, got it."

Photographer - "And Gordie, we want to see your respect and admiration for Russell, we want to see him as your father figure"

Gordie - "Should I put my arm around him?"

Rusty - "No, but make it look like you want to. The audience wants to"

Photographer - "Nice. Ok boys, big smiles....say CHEESE!"

Rusty and Gordie - "CHEEEEESSSE"

Photographer -"That's the money shot"
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