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Darren Britt Retires


He's had to retire this week after his horrific injury against Hull at the weekend. I believe he was thinking of retiring at the end of the season unless Millward could pursuade him to stay on for another year.

I think I'd be retiring too if I clashed heads with 'Knuckles' Greenhill!!! He must have a pretty hard head to be fracturing someones eye socket, jaw and cheekbone all at the same time!!

Good on yer anyway Darren. I'm glad he came over to the UK, albeit late in his career. He's been a great servant of the game and he'll be missed.


It's a shame when any career ends, when injury is the cause, it must be harder to accept. Darren Britt has been a stand out forward at Saints for the last couple of years.


It's sad to think his last game of rugby league lasted less than 60 seconds. I didn't think that would be the last time I'd see Darren in the red vee until I got home and saw the state of his face :shock: .
I think a lot of Saints fans thought we'd be able to get another year out of him prior to the injury but it'd take a pretty big effort to make a come back from a facial reconstruction in this stage of his career.
Thanks for the memories Darren. I know the drinking clique at Saints will miss you :lol: