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Dolphins game thread


Yea man. It was actually my son that pointed out we had the Fox commentary on, even he hates the local mob and I hadn't even clicked.

Dunno know how it happened though. I know switching feeds has been doable before but I havent had any luck since we changed to the sky pod thingy.
Sky NZ Muppets were on 51.
Fox Sports were on 54.
ACC were on 59.

I watched 54. I think Matt Russell is a good caller. I don't mind Blocker Roach, despite all the hate.

With the Sky team, I don't mind Glen Larmer. I can't cop Monty Betham and Adam Blair. Between the 2 of them, they can barely put a short sentence together.


It's on a thread here somewhere here. I think I said way back when Mitch was signed that he was going to be awesome. Thats doubly nice because after 24 years of marriage, I'm not often right these days.



3 - Harris. Immense.
2- Barnett. Its the hard edge we've needed. I'm predicting he will be very good for us.
1- Egan. Canny and tough.

Found it! :)

Penrose Warrior

First Grade
I really think Larmer is appalling and doesn't get enough stick for how bad he is.
I can appreciate this view, but having said that he gets a pass by virtue of how he's not as awful as the others.

I don't need to keep going on about Adam Blair, but he is the worst commentator in all sport. And by that, I mean at any level - below any amateur webcams on local footy with the biased, half pissed club chairman commentating, the 'boom goes the dynamite' kid in America (Youtube it) and any of the hundreds of sports across hundreds of countries. He's the worst.

If you'd said to me when he walked off for the Warriors for the last time 'you'll dislike him more in the future' I would've thought he was involved in Epstein's island or driven a car through a group of school kids. But nope, I just cannot cop him. Played 300 games but gives the insight of someone who hastily had the game explained to him 2 minutes before kick off. It is actually ridiculous how bad he is. I see he's on a podcast now, that must be shit house.

And now they've got Willie Poching, who as I said before has a voice that sounds like Darren Lockyer's if it took a holiday and came back unfit. I just don't know what the criteria is for these guys. Maybe the idea is annoy people into going to the ground.

Big Marn

I think he just interviewed JFH the other day on his podcast. i saw a promo for it on stuff or something.