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Endorphins vs ??

OK so question for all the long time supporters like me. These days it is nigh impossible to win a comp, between salary caps, NRL incompetence, player incompetence, draw, injuries etc

So even though we would all love to see another premiership it is extremely unlikely soon. We won in 2016 and maybe that was enough for a lot

So question is the feeling you get when we win ( especially a few in a row) is that enough for you these days. The rush of endorphins of happiness etc. You watch the other games you watch the footy shows etc because you are happy your team won and that rush sits with you. Is it enough these days for that rush to be enough for a week or whatever vs the pain of losing the next game or being knocked out in a semi. I've started thinking lately should I just be happy with that feeling each week we win vs the opposite when we don't ( referring back to thr point I made about how hard it is to win overall). I want us to win and lose the loser mentality but the rush when we win is a great feeling

Phins up
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