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Fitzy's league Sledge

Foreign Legion

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today's sook is up there with his greatest work. all his hatreds converging to send him over the edge:
- the demise into ultimate irrelevance for rugby union
- the ambition of the NRL to get going again
- his general hatred of rugby league, racing and gambling manifested in ARLC chair Peter V'landys
- his hatred of the NSW govt
- his hatred of fun in general
- the fact that no one cares what he thinks, and broad irrelevance, despite his huge readership.

one can only surmise people read him as a negative indicator of future events:
He tried to compare 485, 18-35 year olds in peak physical health to the poor 95 year olds in nursing homes.

Sydney Stadiums
Raelene getting a new contract
The Republic
Now the NRL start date

For a bloke who gets paid a lot of money to give an opinion, he very rarely gets it right.

Headless Chook

Hanky Head tried t hard to land the knockout blow on V'lad, yet couldn't dispute the efforts and safety measures the NRL is putting into place.
Hanky also showed his bias on 9 this morning, when he made no comment about the Fremantle Dockers breaking isolation laws, nor the AFL clown in Victoria who smashed a few cars whilst being well and truly hit and missed. and then doing a runner all during lockdown.
No deep questioning of the Vic AFL reporter by his Hankiness, as to why the AFL seems happy with Mid June, only 2 weeks after the NRL.
The guy is a dead set anti rl agenda driven plod.You can almost script write his rl commentary, it's the same old bile.
He'd cream his pants if he ever got offered a gig on Offsiders. He would fit right in.


He'd cream his pants if he ever got offered a gig on Offsiders. He would fit right in.

The moderator would get him going? As Gould would say No,no,no,no and no.

With such an illustrious Vic/AFL Sherren licking panel, of Undercarriage,the Lithsper,Dickie Behinds,the Ocker Netball Coach,the cricket writer who thinks everyone loves adjectives and his command of English, just to name a few,Hanky Head would be in his element.

They all bag rugby league ,and love the negatives when they pop up.Even the RU panelist Georgina Robinson loves to serve it up to the NRL, as if union hasn't got its problems.

The only time there is any semblance of balance, is when Roy Masters ,is on the panel, and stirs the sh*t.And they go into overdrive ,and try to change the subject LOL.


First Grade
I had to laugh this weekend when Caro gave her opinion on NRL, like she actually knows what is going on, and Todd Greenberg saying how bad he was and Roy would agree....he bluntly just said No! And that was the end of the AFL moron.

Foreign Legion

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Sorry, what?

Have I got this straight you anti-vaxxer leaguies? While most of the nation remains stopped at the traffic lights, you get waved through on the promise that you are all going to knock yourself out in being as safe as you possibly can be – no, really. And then you what

You kick up a stink over getting a freaking flu shot? Because you know better than MEDICAL SCIENCE, which says getting the flu and coronavirus at the same time will not only strain the hell out of your health, but also risks straining the medical system we all depend on if it happens to too many at once.

But your missus is a Sagittarius and made you read a few pages on the net from an anti-vaxxer nutter and now you get why nearly all of medical science is wrong and you are right! Seriously?

Mate, check your calendar. It is 2020, and the whole anti-vaxxer thing is thoroughly discredited as being both bone-ignorant and dangerous to the rest of us. Those who maintain otherwise, who say they know more than the medical experts are exemplars of the great observation of Isaac Asimov: “The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.”


Vaccination battle stations.CREDIT:JOHN SHAKESPEARE

But it’s against your religion, too? Great. Point out the part in whichever ancient text you're citing that says “Thou shalt have no flu jabs”, and we can take you seriously.

But wait! I know. You have rights.

Yes, I suppose. But instead of focusing on your rights, here’s an idea. Focus on your responsibilities. It is very bloody simple. You’re in an industry engaged in activity that could have been designed to spread the virus among a group as quickly as possible. This industry is notorious for its employees not keeping to even the base-level rules that the rest of society follows. Despite that, you’re going back while plenty of others in much safer industries are in the unemployment queues.

I say under those circumstances, at the very least, at the bare MINIMUM, you need to slavishly follow the universal medical advice. And every NRL player should not only get the jab, but, hear this, also the tracking app. And you, and your missii, and the NRL administration should be proselytisers for the same.

Get it? It’s the quid pro quo prose, pros. You are going back early. Get the jab, and the app. It is consistent with your commitment to do all possible to lessen the risk. Whatever the contract says, however weak the administration is in not insisting on it, whatever your missus says, you have moral responsibilities to get this done. Look it up.


May I present the facts. As Australia suffers I love how there's 4 / 480 players arguing against a flu shot and it's somehow a MASSIVE issue.

0.0083% of players.

Now gather 'round. That's it...nice and close. Strewth. Cobber. Matey.

0.0083% I tell you!!!!!!

FOR f**kS SAKE!!!!

He'd write any article decrying RL if a player used the pedestrian crossing button and accuse them of slowing down Australia's recovery.
But you'll never see media spin it as... 99% of RL get flu jab to get show on road.

Even Kent whinging it's all just negative press. Well...here's a thought : support a part of the industry that keeps you employed, keeps your bosses in business and generally entertains society?


Post Whore
His obsession with writing an article weekly bagging RL makes me worried about his mental health.
But to be fair, I've thought it has been on the decline for many years.
We all need to thank that French forward who decked him. It's been all downhill from there.
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No mention/criticism in his column of Rugby Australia and NZ Rugby looking to get their competitions up and running in June, just a couple of weeks after the NRL is due to recommence... Twat.

I pointed it out to him also AFL mid June, and nearly fell over .It got printed.


Bit torn on that one, due to the fact that the only people i consider to be more of a complete douchecanoe than hanky head are anti-vaxxers

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