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Forum Upgrade

As you may have noticed, we've just upgraded our forum software to the latest major version. There are some new features that come with the new software, and we'll highlight these over the next few days.

Just like any major upgrade there are likely to be teething issues, but we'll work through these as quickly as possible.

If you've got any bugs to report or constructive feedback, please post them in this thread and we'll take a look.


Assistant Moderator
Thanks for the screen shot. Everything else is an example of how not to ask for help.


LeagueUnlimited News Editor
Staff member
Can X been added as an acceptable media url?
Twitter is accepted but their links changed to the X url
The embed should still work if you manually change x.com to twitter.com in the URL - having said that, @TooheysNew is this something that can be done for Twitter/X embeds?

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