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  • Hey mate, Any chance we can get a mod appointed in the Panthers sub forum? We are getting a few mouth breathers pushing the envelope. I'm happy to do it or someone else that's in their regularly would do.
    Hi there, I know you just PM'd me. Was it to test if it was working for me and I could reply? Sorry to post it here but I wasn't sure where else to do it if that's okay.

    If so, I can still not reply but thanks anyway.
    Odd. It's a bug - you aren't intentionally blocked. Give me a minute to check it out.
    Okay, thank you very much, I appreciate it mate.
    Hi Coby. A friend recommended I contact you. Can't via PM because my PM function has been disabled.
    Short story is I was banned for a couple of weeks. (unfairly but hey whatever) Returned to find I can't access the Dragons forum or Jubilee Avenue. PMed a couple of mods to ask why and now I can't PM anybody.
    Simple question. Is the Dragons forum ban permanent?
    Need to know. A bit tired of logging on to find no Dragons content.
    I didn't notice your visitor message until now. I remember getting an email about it and thinking you managed to send a ghost PM or something. Sup?
    Very short and succinct answer Coby, but sadly incorrect. Still I see you are very young, 25 it says. Wisdom they say comes with age. On that basis, I must be a genius. Good night Coby
    Dear Coby,
    You did castigate me today on the Knight's forum. May I have an explanation as to why you took such exception to my post? I never use unsavoury language. I am 80 year of age, disabled, and live in a nursing home. I just wonder if you are being a bit harsh on a feeble old man. My brain and wit are the only things that I have left. Why did I displease you so?
    Sincerely Old_Timer
    i am not very happy

    and b4 u chuck a hissy fit no i did not create a new account

    i joined under this username:

    Join Date: 04-04-2005

    so i must hav forgot about it

    anyway i was jus gettin along with every1 in the forum 7s i wrote an article

    then i find out im banned for message bombin n report function

    well.. i msged people to try join a team. is that a crime>

    and 2ndly, i reported diablow for postin my myspace details as i recall that is against the rules am i rite??

    please give me an explanation

    i am bein reasonable but it seems whoever banned me is not

    and after u banned me last time i had long hard think n i want to contribute more 2 the forum

    so pls write bak to me i await ur answerss

    was it you or twizzle who deleted me CobyDelaney, please reinstall my Dirty Sanchez profile man im really upset bout this
    Hi Coby, did you get that email from Kaz? I forwarded it too you yesterday.


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