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GRAND FINAL: Parramatta v Penrith GAME DAY THREAD at Accor 2/10/22


Some of you will remember that my uncle and great mate was suffering from brain cancer. He was a rabid Eels fan. Some of the players made him a video before the second tigers game. He recently passed away.

I'll be going to the game with my kids and he's three kids tonight. It's going to be very emotional. C'mon you mighty Eels. Let's do this!!

Lemon Squash

First Grade
Next to no merkin is giving us a chance… but as long as those 17 men in Blue and Yellow believe then we can win.

No holding back boys… 80 minutes of everything you have and your names will forever be etched in immortality.

Ambush Baby it’s coming home!


Post Whore
Girl Why Dont We Have Both GIF