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Gus V Bennett

Gus or Wayne?

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bulldogs have more opportunity with dodgey 3rd party deals, so bulldogs


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"Wayne Bennett leaves teams a mess after he leaves"

I think that has more to do with the clubs than Wayne Bennett. Broncos were fine after he left, and it was a slow decline from poor management decisions. His last season they came 5th. The seasons after 6th, 10th, 3rd, 8th.

He was brought to the Dragons and Knights because they wanted instant success - of course that's going to damage the long-term stability of a club.

Meanwhile, Gould has spent the last 20 years talking about how great he is, and what has he achieved? He's claimed success for the Panthers despite them kicking on after they essentially booted him. Goes to the Warriors and makes them worse, before leaving. Now at the Bulldogs he is talking about another rebuild.

Even his coaching record is overstated. He took over a strong Bulldogs side and won the premiership in his first season, and then misses the finals in the second season and leaves to go to Panthers who had finished second.

He took over a Panthers team that was top 5 in 88 and 89. Had the two grand finals in 1990-1991, and then what? 9th, 12th, 8th.

He then leaves to go to the Roosters who had a record of buying a lot of players. They bought Brad Fittler who drove success. Gould fails to win a premiership - but the Roosters do two years after he leaves.

Let's not forget, it's Gould's incessant public whinging and influence that brought it some of the most ridiculous changes that the game has ever made and has been trying to recover from since. He acts as a great football mind, but has shown to have absolutely zero respect for the game.


It’s a myth. Players perform better under bennett than the muppets who’ve replaced him. Then also they leave for other clubs cause they realise the diffidence.

he’s had success at every club he’s coached for from south’s magpies (winning a comp against Wally lewis) to Canberra all the way on

10$ Ferret

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Its not a myth. He leaves club's in terrible shape. The contract situation at clubs when he left were abysmal.
The mess he left Brisbane in was made worse by having an imbecile come in (siebold).
From what I have been told by former employees, the money he wasted at the Knights was asounding, he demanded a private driver for example.
He does have success, but really I would not call his last stint at the Broncos great or his time at the knights.