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Is non alcoholic beer (as in 0.00 %) still deemed as an alcoholic beverage in society ?

The Partisan

As in would be workplace acceptable if I drank a non alcoholic beer with my lunch at work rather than a soft drink ?


Staff member
We have a guy in our work place who has one occasionally and usually has a 6 pack of them in the fridge. Even then it was seen by a lot of people as a bit of a “look at me” move but nothing technically wrong with it.

I could imagine any job with interactions with the public/customers/clients might not look too kindly on it.

Perth Red

Post Whore
I doubt it depending on the workplace.
I am enjoying my recent enforced alcohol free Heineken though I have to say.


Assistant Moderator
Go for it.

Our fridge at work often has a few alc-free beers. Carlton Zero mainly. Arvo drinks have become more socialable when people don't have to worry about driving, and a lot of people just don't like alcohol.

I think it's becoming more popular.


Assistant Moderator
Some months ago I saw a lobbyist on TV trying to argue that alcohol free beer should be removed from supermarket shelves. She believed it was a gateway drink designed to get kids introduced to the harder stuff.

She had no real evidence, just anecdotal.

You only have to look at the packaging and the think about the demographic to realise how much it was a ridiculous argument. The high caffeine drinks in colourful cans are targeting kids, not some bland looking can of low carb, non alcoholic beer. The latter is clearly aimed at older people.

One for the kids... does this make you want to run out and get hooked on alcohol?


horrie hastings

First Grade
Where I work we were selling the Gordon's zero percent Gin , it was priced around high $30s to $40 , we used to sell a few bottles but would end up removing most from the shelf and chucking them as they had a best befote date. In the end they just cleared the stock for $10 and we don't stock it anymore.

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