ISP Round 5 v Warriors

Discussion in 'Wests Tigers' started by Old Time Tiger, Apr 7, 2018.

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    And the flip side, we had guys in reserve grade who should have been given a run/chance more than they did and the guys who kept them out? well for me the big one in recent years was Jordon Rankin when we could have had Josh Ado-Carr.

    Other notables such as, Keith Lulia, Jack Buchanan, Kyle Lovett. And we had good ones who we let go such as, Blake Austin and Marika Koroibete. To me, it all came down to the basket case of a club that we had i.e. lack of leadership and having overpaid a few so we couldn't afford, the ones who we really needed.

    But that's all old news, good for a laugh now, no not really, but we move on. In IC we trust.
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    I don't get the love for Austin. He realistically had one good year at Canberra where the forwards steam rolled the opposition and BJ actually played to his potential.

    Korobiete - you really couldn't say he was a super star with us, especially in defence or with the high ball.

    Josh Ado Carr - for me the jury is still out on him. Looked great running around with Cronk last year but in the games he missed last year and now he is no longer there, he doesn't seem to be the same player.

    But yes, in IC we trust.

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