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John Grant urges NRL to add a team in Ipswich/Logan

But for me to follow that anecdote to its conclusion I would have to agree with you that dentists are toffs. Bit of a sweeping generalisation.
I never said "dentists are toffs".

Some one asked where fumbleball fans in Brisbane live.

Sure, 30k isn’t a lot but where do those that go to games come from? Do they come from the inner city like in Sydney or from the ‘burbs?

Another poster said fumbleball has hurt RU more than RL.

Yeah it's mainly the Toffs and expats. As in Sydney, AFL has hurt Union here, not so much RL.

I provided an anecdote of a dentist I've known for 20 years that backs up his claim.

You're just making up shit.
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Apparently they've made some grains on the Central Coast and Hunter region. More pathways for local talent can only help rugby league.
Wow, and all this with just two teams in NSW. Sounds like we could be getting a lot more out of our existing ten NSW NRL teams if they’re supposedly making gains with two.


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If that's the case then the people who made the claim are liars.

Whomever made the claim probably has a bias or a vested interest - sometimes you have look at who is making the claim.

For instance, the local fumbleball competition (if it is ever reported on by local news) has teams literally beating other teams by margins of over 100 or more. Out of all the local football codes it would also be easily the least reported. Local soccer and union competitions would attract quite a deal more interest and they do have a lot more history.

In terms of the professional competitions, it would be like Super Rugby you would get a report of say 30 seconds to a minute. The NRL would get the first three or four stories. The A-League because of the Jets is probably second.

Outside of that, I have probably seen a couple of people wear fumbleball apparel around (all been Swans from memory)

So in essence, the fumblers would have to spend a lot of money and do it for a considerable amount of time. An AFL team would obviously help them generate a fair bit of interest but it is not really likely that would ever work because of the population and secondly they would need to spend an absolute mountain of money to build a ground. Even with Tasmania, the ROI would arguably be better.