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Knock-on Effect NSW Cup - Eels Team


Post Whore
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Pou when he finds the cooking thread.

Poupou Escobar

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You're implying I ganged up on you? I doubt it but if so it doesn't count because you're a legitimately shit human being. It's not like Gronk or IALB whose politics I disagree with. They are still good blokes.

Poupou Escobar

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It's fine. You're inconsistent for not calling the assault on cooker is all
I didn't know about it tbh until after he was gone because I tried to avoid the Covid thread. But I understood there were heaps of cookers on here, not just him. I can't see how he would've been isolated.


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I wouldn't trust anybody unwilling to explain themselves when someone is genuinely confused as to their actions/inactions. I assume you are genuinely confused and not just trolling so why would I tell you to f**k of?

Garlic never stopped me catching Covid, but then neither did the vaccine. It's always been more complicated than plebs would be able to comprehend and discuss, especially in the social media environment. The intersection of virology and government transparency has exposed one of the weaknesses of Western civilisation. Some things just shouldn't be subject to democratisation.

Now I feel bad for making you explain yourself.

No you have to eat the garlic twice a week in whole cloves with a shot of apple cider vinegar then gargle with salt.


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The Parramatta Eels' team list for Round 15 of the NSW Cup season has been confirmed.

The Eels will face the Bulldogs at Accor Stadium on Monday as part of a double-header with the NRL side.


1Zac Cini
2Haze Dunster
3Jirah Momoisea
4Isaac Lumelume
5Chris Tupou
6Daejarn Asi
7Jordan Rankin (c)
8Jontay Junior Betham-Misa
9Meni Luke
10Ky Rodwell
11Jack Murchie
12Dan Keir
13Luca Moretti
14Niko Apelu
15Toni Mataele
16Tevita Taumoepenu
17Jock Brazel


First Grade
It's the battle of Will Smith Vs Jake Arthur today merkins.

Was Nathan Brown right in calling for Smith over JA all will be answered at 5pm! ( Game is on at 3pm)

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