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Knock-on Effect NSW Cup - Eels Team

the phantom menace

First Grade
Round 7 - Forwards minutes played

NSW Cup v Roosters
8 interchanges used, 1 didn't count (HIA)

80mins Tuilagi (0.00-80.00)
68mins Keir (c) - in one stint (0.00-67.55)
60mins Makatoa - in two stints (0.00-47.26 + 67.55-80.00)
54mins Doorey - from the bench in one stint (25.44-80.00)
54mins Arthur - in two stints (0.00-47.13 + 73.30-80.00)
52mins Guymer - in two stints (0.00-32.05 + 59.55-80.00)
48mins Greig - in two stints (0.00-25.54 + 57.20-80.00)
26mins Luke - from the bench in one stint (47.13-73.30)
25mins Parker - from the bench in one stint (32.05-57.20)
12mins Alderton - from the bench in one stint (47.26-59.55 HIA)

Poupou Escobar

Post Whore
Talagi’s strength is running the ball, so the spine gives him the greatest involvement. Also gives him practice defending in the line.

the phantom menace

First Grade
Asi named in Cup, so he's not out due to head injury, just dropped?

Russell getting some time at centre - potentially useful, I've always thought that his best position.

Moretti just getting some time - I thought his bench contribution last week was poor, so probably for the best.

Good to see Doorey in the starting side, after his 60min from the bench return match.


Staff member
So Russ drops off to work on his game at centre...

Blaize is a fullback/Centre so goes to 5/8

Russell has been a centre/fullback most of his career, he's only played on the wing in the NRL. I guess it makes sense to put him back in his natural position.

When Gutho came to Parra from Manly, we put him on the wing.

the phantom menace

First Grade
i wonder what their thinking is? are they giving him some experience in the middle if they wanna select him in FG on the bench in the future?

if not, this club has a real issue developing young edge players.
Yeah, I'm not sure what the plan is - other than he's too good to leave out of the Cup pack.

But it seems as an edge forward Guymer must be considered lower in the pecking order than Tuilagi and Doorey... and before injury I thought Doorey was tracking for the first grade bench spot (and may do again, at Tuilagi's expense. Which would leave Guymer back filling a the Cup edge forward spot for development I guess.

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