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KOTY 2022 - Quarterly Report (Q1)


Doing this for a bit of fun, hopefully discuss which players have maybe met or exceeded expectations and then of course, those who have disappointed.

Firstly, the leaderboard after 6 rounds - and we're still counting votes for round 6, so head on over if you want your points to count.



Interesting Stats:
1. Average points per player is 9.9. So if they're above that, they've had a good game.

2. 17 players (so a full team) have polled votes. Key players missing from that 17 are both Saifitis... Who would have predicted before the season that neither would garner votes a quarter of the way through the season!?

3. Kurt Mann leads the way with most MOTM performances so far with 2. Who would have also thought this before the season began!

4. Look at 9th vs 10th for a laugh... Another who'd have thunk it!

So obviously by looking at the leaderboard, Frizell has clearly been amongst our best and most consistent each week. You could argue you'd want more line breaks and tackle busts from a modern edge backrower, but Friz is definitely doing his best for us each week and he hasn't had much help from our other forwards.

Gagai has been a great buy even though our right-side defence has been very ugly the past few weeks. Just think of what it would look like if Gagai wasn't here. You could argue Gagai has been our best leader and definitely our best attacking weapon this year too.

Thanks for attending the KOTY Q1 Report. See you again for the mid-year report after round 12.

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