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Most overrated players?


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Zac Lomax. In terms of value he'd be the lowest in the competition. Has no point of difference on any centre in the game. Easily handled, predictable in attack and generally a weak carry out of trouble.
Euan Aitken at centre.
Oh look..brownie has already shifted him to the backrow and reckons it was coming but sooner than planned. :)


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David Fifita, unstoppable one game, unspotted the next. Hate when massive units like him waste talent. Cameron Smith, obviously one of the greats but he never played in a bad team I would love to see what his career would have looked like if he played for a bottom feeder. Melbourne are still roaring along.
Fifita for sure. he is a shadow of a player he was early last year or the year before except when he played the RED V. is it $$$?
Cam Smith..gets a mention in this thread. That is comical. He has earnt the hate and jealousy that we all have for him on what we have seen him do on field.
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My list is more about players who get the commentators excited over a run or two etc, giving them the impression of doing more than they have more so than overrated.
Storm, J Bromwich
Panthers, Kikau, Crichton, TPJ(for now)
Roosters, Walker, I know he’s young but they do carry on when he does something.
Eels, Brown,Matterson,Moses
Raiders, Wighton,James,Tapane
Sharks, Rudolph, Moylan
Knights, Best
Tigers, Nofoaluma, Luc
Dogs,Elliott, Jackson, TPJ(next year)
Warriors, Walsh, A F Blake
Broncos, Stagg,Coates
Titans, Tino,Fifita, Brimson
Cowboys, Holmes,
Souths, Cook
Agree with most and the reasons you mentioned them but I honestly think out of all those
Tino, Brimson, Staggs, Walsh, Cook and Coates are going to be if not now very good players consistently and Jackson has been a tireless toiler holding up the Dogs for many a season and its had its affect now.
Rudolph I like his energy every time he gets the ball and in defence.


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The unremarkable Zac Lomax. Zac’s good luck scored a reported $600+ a season for 5 or 6 seasons. Good goal kicker and that’s it. We are stuck, don’t know what the club was thinking? It’s these recruitments which banish us for years to simply make up the numbers.
I think you wil find it was more like between 500-600 but carry on with the narrative. $3m over his contract including the option in his favour for the 6th year.
Same calculation the media did for Benny Hunt but ignore the 6th year

"Zac Lomax has signed the longest deal in St George Illawarra history after agreeing to a monster six-year contract.
The in-demand Lomax, 20, has rejected interest from a host of clubs, including Wests Tigers and Canberra, for a deal worth about $3 million in a massive show of faith for the struggling Dragons.

It is understood the final year of the multi-year deal is an option in Lomax’s favour"


First Grade
From the games I saw earlier this year, and / or recent times…

Tino Fausuemslaui (spelling?). Whenever I’ve seen him he’s been bog average or MIA. Maybe I’ve just missed his good stuff.

Frizell. Nowhere near the player of 2 years ago. I was annoyed when most people wanted him in origin, especially over Sims. Not coz he left us but we needed extra aggro.. not all back rowers who do the same thing.

Cherry Daly Evans. Good player, but not top-shelf quality. Only seems to stand out because of the dearth of quality halfbacks on the modern era.

Kikau. For reasons suggested earlier. You never see him doing the tough work to help get the panthers out of their own end. He runs downhill.. very good at that, but others do the heavy lifting.

Ryan Matterson. Probably the stigma from his exit from the tigers and telling them they’ll never win a comp etc. Since going to Parra he’s not really put himself up in lights.

Luciano Leilua. Only coz I know plenty of people who thought he was the ducks guts. He’s ok but like a lot of players with long hair, especially forwards… when it flies around it gives the visual impression of intensity and energy. He’s no real different to the bulk of backrowers.

Vaughan for us, thought that well before bbqs galore. Aside from him you could argue many of our players are because of how we are going. But I’ll suggest Dufty, McCullough..
Tino was great at Melbourne like many and in origin. Is it the GC or the Titans?
Cherry is harsh, carries Manly without Turbo and looks even better with Turbo. He has not had a decent 6 inside him since Foran left the 1st time.

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