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Mullen charged on supply drugs charges


His life really fell to shit the moment Willie moved in. Nobody can look at the Mullen before and after that and say Mason wasn't a cancerous piece of his life. Slowly but surely surrounded by more and more terrible, awful people like Les Mason. I've seen friends fall through the cracks and it's such a slow, gradual process that's barely recognisable until its too late.

Just sucks. Wish ASADA didn't have such merkin restrictions that stop the NRL and the club from looking out for banned players; can only imagine would have been better if the Knights were able to look out for him.

Knight Vision

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Just sucks. Wish ASADA didn't have such merkin restrictions that stop the NRL and the club from looking out for banned players; can only imagine would have been better if the Knights were able to look out for him.
I agree. Cant take away a persons support network and expect a positive outcome. Crazy policy that one.


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It’s a sad story. Yes he’s an adult who can make his own decisions but taking into consideration how he would’ve felt after being banned, losing income, job, support, routine. I just hope he can get his shit together and come out doing well.

League Unlimited News

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Convicted drug dealer Jarrod Mullen ‘keen’ to revive league career after avoiding jail

He’s now a convicted drug trafficker, but after an “extreme wake-up call” ex-Newcastle Knights NRL captain Jarrod Mullen wants to return to professional rugby league.

The 32-year-old was on Wednesday spared a jail sentence of up to 15 years for trafficking more than $10,000 worth of cocaine.

Mullen was instead given a two-year community corrections order and 300 hours of community service by Wollongong Local Court magistrate Jillian Kiely.

Ms Kiely noted Mullen’s turnaround since a near fatal overdose in 2018 and his aspirations to become a role model for young league players.

“Not only has he personally and professionally hit rock bottom, he almost died from an accidental overdose and now suffers from permanent hearing loss,” Ms Kiely said in her sentencing remarks.

“That would have served as an extreme wake-up call.”

Mullen pleaded guilty in December to supplying cocaine, after police surveillance captured him purchasing 39 grams of cocaine over four separate occasions in November 2018.

Defence lawyer Paul McGirr earlier told the court Mullen’s fall from grace was an “extremely sad situation”.

“He was one of Newcastle’s favourite sons. He now doesn’t even want to return to the area,” Mr McGirr said.

He told the court Mullen was “shattered” by his offending, and it made him sick to think of the impact it had on his family.

The former halfback played 211 matches for the Knights after debuting in 2005, represented NSW in a State of Origin match and was once tipped to be the next Andrew Johns.

Instead, his injury marred career was cut short in 2017 when he received a four- year ban after testing positive for steroids, prompting his downward spiral. The drug suspension ends in January 2021.

Mullen started selling cocaine for $300 per gram to finance his heavy drug habit, which culminated in his parents finding him overdosed on their couch in the weeks before Christmas.

In arguing for a community based sentence, his lawyer told the court the former star hopes to begin playing professional football again next year.

“He still is keen to get back into rugby league, and at 32 years of age he has his work cut out for him.”

If that doesn’t work out, Mr McGirr said Mullen aspired to become a role model and counsellor for trouble young rugby league players.

Unless his susceptibility to injury has changed I doubt he'd be able to get back into professional league. If he does it won't be with us if he doesn't want to return to Newcastle. A Pearce / Mullen combination in halves would be interesting though.


It would’ve been great if Mullo didn’t go through all this crap.
I’d like to see him give Super League a go. I wish him the best.

Agreed, he’s probably one of the biggest what-ifs ever in modern rugby league.

What if he got to play next to Joey for a couple more years to build his game?

What if he wasn’t tasked with being the key player in a terrible side for over a decade?

What if he wasn’t thrown to the wolves in Origin at the age of 19?

What if he wasn’t burnt by NSW selectors over the following years even at times when he was in form?

What if he wasn’t injury prone? etc etc etc.

The bloke had all the talent to be one of the modern greats. Such a massive shame that his career ended the way that it did.

Big Pete

Hopefully this is the wake up call Jarrod needed to turn his life around after a trying few years. I remember his Origin debut like it was yesterday and what stood out more than anything was how proud his family was of him. You could tell it meant the world to them and there was that great segment on the footy show where they had their Origin I reactions filmed. It's just another side of the game you rarely get to see and it was cool to see the Mullen family let us in.

The one memory of him I have is how he'd often step up against North Queensland. It was like he made it a personal mission to outplay JT and he had a better record than most.

Still Nutty

He has worked on his fitness big time. I reckon he'll be an asset to the SCF.
considering how little he played when he was on our roster due to persistent injuries and the fact his 34 year old body hasn't had the sustained rigors of an NRL career had he played right through, he possibly has got a couple of good seasons left in him....if his hammies can hold together?

Anyway, he's done the crime and served his time, so I do wish him luck and hope he gets an opportunity to play and enjoy some footy and get his life well and truly back on track...I've never seen him in the mould of a Ben Coussins, Ben Barba or Julian O'Neil who has that personality trait that makes them tread the path they do so hopefully he can close the footy chapter of his life on his terms.